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What are the Best Maxnomic Alternatives?

Maxnomic is a great chair brand sold by NeedforSeatUSA, but one problem a lot of people have with the brand is that it’s too expensive. By all means, if you can afford a $500 gaming chair, then you probably should just head over and buy one. However, if you’re on a tighter budget–whether because you just […]

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What is a Good Gaming Chair for a Tall Person?

If you’re close to 6’3” like I am, you know how important a good gaming chair is. Because, at the end of the day, most gaming chairs don’t fit tall people. I’d say most gaming chairs fit anyone between 5’6” to 5’10”. However, how do we define gaming chair? Are we talking about cheap office […]

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What Gaming Chair Should I Get My Son?

Are you looking for a gaming chair for your son but are having difficulty finding one? In this guide, we will help you find a good gaming chair for your son, and we will have different price points that will fit your budget. Whether your son is addicted to League of Legends, Rocket League, or […]

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Are RapidX Good Gaming Chairs?

RapidX is another gaming chair seller similar to DXRacer or other gaming racing chair brands, and I’ve been noticing them lately since they look cool and are more affordable than DXRacer chairs that I’ve reviewed and looked at. The only thing is that while there are a lot of people talking about DXRacer, and it’s […]

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Best Ergonomic Desk Chair for Back Pain

Are you looking for the best ergonomic desk chair for back pain? Here today I am going to talk about what makes an office chair give you back pain, and how you can overcome it with some recommendations and tips. What causes back pain? Put simply, a bad and cheap chair can cause back pain […]

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What is the Best Gaming Ergonomic Chair?

Nowadays, if you look at popular streamers or YouTube gamers, you’ll see them in chairs that look more like racing chairs than chairs built for gaming at a desk. These chairs look like this: Sure, I can’t blame people who get these chairs. They look comfortable as hell, with plush pillows, thick seats, cool color […]

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