Good / Support can be very helpful.
Bad / Slow page load times, unreliable server uptime, and mediocre pricing is only the beginning. 
Verdict /  WebHostingPad isn’t the best web host you can find by any stretch of the imagination. While they might get the job done in the best case scenario, there are much better options out there almost for every reason.

WebHostingPad Review


WebHostingPad was founded in 2005, and since then they have made a name for themselves by offering competitively low pricing. They are based in Rolling Meadows, Illinois with their servers located in Chicago.


WebHostingPad presents one of the cheapest web hosting pricing available. But is there a reason for it? In this pricing section, I’ll take a look at what each plan gets you.

For starters, each plan (there are two) come with unlimited bandwidth, free domain name, 24/7 support, and one-click script installs for WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, and other services. Other features include a free website builder, cPnael inclusion, and a few other features.

Here’s an image with a full list of what you get with each plan:

WebHostingPad Review


Shared Hosting Power Plan Power Plan Plus
1 year $3.99/month  1 year $6.99/month
2 years $2.99/month 2 years $5.99/month
3 years $1.99/month 3 years $4.99/month
4 years $1.99/month 4 years $3.99/month
5 years $1.99/month 5 years $3.99/month

Overall WebHostingPad’s pricing is fairly good. With each package, you get a ton of features. For the Power Plan Plus package, you get things like SSH, Free SSL Certificate, Advanced web stats, and Advanced Spam filter.

WebHostingPad also offers WordPress Hosting and VPS hosting.

WebHostingPad’s pricing ranks among the lowest of web hosts regarding pricing and their extended year plans can get pretty cheap.

Uptime and Reliability

WebHostingPad claims that they have 99% uptime. This would mean that they rank with the best of our reviewed web hosts like A2 which gives an average of 99.98% uptime. However, with our in-depth tests over the course of a year, we’ve received an average of 98.1% uptime by using our websites and tools like Pingdom.

Now in some ways, this could sound like the end of the world, and some users and other reviewers make it seem so. Uptime is critical for your website, but 98.1% doesn’t sound like that much does it?

Well, it depends.

If a website is up around 95% of the time during a month, that accounts for all hours of the month–night and day. That doesn’t sound too bad–but remember, that could mean up to 24 hours downtime during peak hours–which is VERY bad. Over the course of a month, this could almost mean an hour a day your website is down.

Perhaps WebHostingPad isn’t the best choice then if you value uptime and reliability…


#1 Customer Support

Most of our reviewed web hosts have had decent support, and even if WebHostingPad might be weak in some areas–they do have proper support. You can expect to connect very quickly with helpful responsive replies. In addition, they also have a 30-day money back guarantee.

#2 Security

If you want a Malware Scanner and Malware Quarantine, WebHostingPad could be a good option, since its bundled inside their WordPress hosting plans.


#1 Uptime

As we mentioned, WebHostingPad doesn’t have the best uptime percentage in our extended testing. You can expect considerable downtime consistently. If you want a higher percentage, consider checking out our A2 Hosting Review.

#2 Slow Page Load times

Not only does WebHostingPad suffer from uptime, but they also have slow page load times. In our tests, we got nine times higher latency than our best-reviewed web hosts–meaning latency got has high as 2000ms!

The industry standard is around 850-870ms, so WebHostingPad has ways to go if they want to speed things up.

#3 Restrictive website transfer

WebHostingPad doesn’t require you to pay to transfer your site, but they do have a limit on the  size that you can transfer. If your file is bigger than 2GB (not including email addresses, subdomains, addon domains, or FTP accounts) you’re shit out of luck.

#4 Backup may be limited

Along with free transfers, good web hosts also provide easy ways to backup your website. However, in their TOS, you can find that WebHostingPad only takes backups to 1GB, and in the event that a backup is needed, “WebHostingPad may charge a one-time backup restoration service fee of $39.95.”


WebHostingPad has a lot of problems. Their terms of service is downright shady, and their uptime–as well as their page load times, is pretty horrendous. While they do have decent pricing, and plenty of features included, there are much better options out there that offer competitive rates and better services overall. Checkout A2 Hosting for example.