Good / The chair can be put to many uses in the office or for gaming. The recline and footrest can be reclined between 90 to 175 degrees. Packed with a good headrest and lumbar cushion for comfort when gaming or working in the office. The armrests can be adjusted for extra comfort when using the chair. Made of light and durable materials that ensure long periods of use.

Bad / Some users have pointed out that the char is fragile especially when being transported. However, this is a minor issue since it is not about the quality of the hair but the carefulness of the transport. With good care, the chair can last for very long.

Verdict / The TOPSKY High Back Racing Style gaming chair attracts looks for its great features. With a unique approach to ergonomics, the chair stands out for its many features. First, most of the chairs with these features cost almost double the price of the TOPSY. It features the looks of a gaming chair and will be a great compliment to a gaming console. It also packs great cutouts for a good overall premium look.

However, in terms of features, this is one of the best deals on the market. The levels of adjustment also ensure that one attains the right posture for their gaming, reading, office work or simple relaxation. Support for the lumbar and the head also come with various levels of adjustments for even more comfort. If one is in need of a chair that will be put to many different uses and yet costs very little, this is the chair.TOPSKY High Back Racing Style Gaming Chair Review

Introduction to TOPSKY High Back Racing Style Gaming Chair Review

Gaming chairs require comfort and high levels of adjustment for the best gaming experience. While there are chairs that pack many different features such as speakers, vibrators and others, these chairs can be put to few other uses beyond gaming or listening to music.

With the TOPSKY chair, however, the manufacturers went for a middle ground so that the chair looks at home at the office desk, the gaming zone and even for relaxation on the balcony. To achieve this, the chair comes with a minimalist design which ensures that the chair only includes the features one would need for their gaming purposes. The design is also unique and will appeal to both gamers and office users.


The TOPSKY High Back Racing Style gaming chair retails for $209.99 on Amazon and other online platforms. While there are deals on this chair that can help one shave off a good amount of money, this price point is already a great one for the features the chair comes with.

The level of comfort offered by this chair can be found in chairs costing up to $1000. With this chair, however, there are no compromises on the quality of the features yet the price is an attractive one. It is a good chair for those working on a budget but with a focus on quality and comfort.


TOPSKY High Back Racing Style Gaming Chair Review

The features of this chair include:

  • Recline and footrest that can be adjusted from 90 degrees all the way to 175 degrees. That means the chair can be turned into a bed of some sorts.
  • A lumbar and headrest that offer extra comfort. The lumbar support can also be adjusted to meet the needs of the user.
  • The armrests can be adjusted to find the best position for them.
  • The base is strong and has five arms each with a wheel to provide easy movement over short ditches.
  • Thick base for long hours of seating without getting tired.

TOPSKY High Back Racing Style Gaming Chair Review Conclusion

The TOPSKY chair is a great buy for anyone seeking a chair that doubles up as their desk chair and gaming seat. With the feature it has and the price, it is a good deal to come by given the high price of chairs with similar features.TOPSKY High Back Racing Style Gaming Chair Review