Good / The VG T300 Ferrari Alcantara is a premium racing wheel with leather design, great button layout, and solid metal pedals.

Bad / Thrustmaster continues to have issues with customer support quality.

Verdict / The VG T300 Alcantara is an excellent purchase for PS4 or PC owners who want a wheel that feels like the real deal. 

Thrustmaster VG T300 Review

Intro to Thrustmaster VG T300 

If you own a Ferrari, you may have opted for Alcantara parts in your interior. It’s a stylish and durable material created in Italy and is mainly found in high-end European cars. However, those of us who don’t quite have the cash to throw down on an Italian sports car can get at least some of the experience through racing games and racing simulators.

It may seem like a small thing, but a racing wheel controller built with the same specs and material as the real life vehicles it is attempting to replicate, adds a lot to the overall racing game experience.

That is one the highlights of the Thrustmaster VG T300 Ferrari Alcantara Edition Racing Wheel. It is the exact design as a steering wheel for a Ferrari 599XX EVO and features genuine hand stitched Alcantara material imported directly from Italy. This edition also has the always reliable T300 Servo base, and the T3PA 3-pedal pedal set, for a complete racing sim, set up.


  • $469.99 for the complete package (Wheel+ Base+ Pedals)
  • $259.94 for T300RS Racing Wheel Servo Base
  • $179.99 for Ferrari 599XX EVO 30 Wheel Add-On
  • $99.99 for T3PA 3-Pedal Wide Pedal Set Add-On


Thrustmaster VG T300 Review

Ferrari 599XX EVO 30 Wheel Add-On Alcantara Edition

  • 8:10 scale replica of the wheel of the 599XX EVO, officially licensed by Ferrari
  • 11.8”/30 cm in diameter
  • Hand-stitched Alcantara material imported from Italy. The same that is used on genuine Ferrari wheels.


  • Force Feedback base compatible with all Thrustmaster add-ons
  • 270° to 1080° angle of rotation
  • T3PA 3-pedal pedal set
  • Conical Rubber Brake Mod included


Build quality of the wheel:

As mentioned earlier, this edition feature a genuine 8:10 replica of a 599XX EVO Ferrari complete with real Italian Alcantara handstitched material. It also features a brushed metal central steering plate. These features have more than just cosmetic benefits, however. A solidly constructed wheel with brushed metal will transfer the force feedback system much better than a plastic wheel.  

Great value for the complete package:

This edition comes complete with the wheel, the base, and pedals for $469.99. If you were to buy each of these separately, it would cost you about $540. Just the wheel by itself is $179.99.


Thrustmaster customer service?

While Thrustmaster is known for their force feedback system, they are not known for great customer service. Common complaints about their customer service include the difficulty of getting a hold of anyone and the lack of a customer service phone number.

Some possible quality control issues?

You may notice that reviews for this product from other users range from very positive, to very negative. There have been reports of the occasional defective product. While this can happen to any company, the lack of reliable customer support makes this issue more problematic.

Thrustmaster VG T300 Racing Wheel Conclusion

This wheel will help you get the most out of the T300 base’s brushless industrial servo motor for a super responsive and realistic gaming experience. The complete package is a great deal, and despite customer service issues, Thrustmaster’s technology is still some of the best on the market at this price point.

Thrustmaster VG T300 Review