Good / Powerful 1080 degree force feedback system at a low price point. Embedded officially certified PlayStation 4 software makes for easy setup and compatibility.

Bad / Wheel is built with lightweight plastic. No hard mounting opting for wheelbase.

Verdict / The Thrustmaster T150 is a great low price option, especially for those looking to get started with racing sim controllers.

Thrustmaster T150 Review

IntroThrustmaster T150 Review

As fun as racing wheels for gaming can be, they do have one drawback; they can be pretty expensive. If you want to get a racing wheel experience that’s is worth the money, and provides more realistic and engaging gaming experience than a gaming controller can, you want to go with force feedback wheels.

The Thrustmaster T150 claims to offer a solid for feedback experience at an entry level price. Let’s take a closer look at this racing wheel’s features, and its strengths and weakness to see if this is a racing wheel that’s worth the investment.


The Thrustmaster T150 is $199.99 New. This is a decent price for a racing wheel, cheaper than some hardcore wheels, but still expensive enough to give you a premium-feeling experience.


-1080 degree force feedback wheel
-PlayStation4-certified embedded software
-Large adjustable pedal set included
-PS4/PS3 sliding switch
-PC Compatible


Strong and reliable force feedback system: Thrustmaster is known for their strong force feedback systems, and thankfully they keep this going even on their lower priced models. This wheel’s system is smooth and responsive and has a better overall quality when compared to similarly priced wheels (and maybe even some higher priced models). If you are looking to get started with racing wheels, this wheel offers a good way to experience force feedback at a low price.

Included Pedal set is good quality: The included pedal sets on even some higher models are usually not the best. The add-on pedal sets that you have to purchase separately are usually better quality than the included pedal set. So with that in mind, the quality of this pedal set was surprising. They are adjustable and have 1024 steps of resolution. They are made of plastic, but overall they feel solidly constructed.

Metal paddle shifters: Although most of the wheel is plastic, the two paddle shifters are 100% metal. They will give you that solid “click” which adds to the overall gaming experience. They are designed for longevity and give the wheel some added durability.

Easy set up: This wheel uses officially certified PlayStation 4 software and has a built in PS4/PS3 sliding switch for easy backwards compatibility. For PC there is not a lot of set up, you just install the drivers and you’re good to go.


Less sturdy wheel construction: Given the price point, it is perhaps not surprising that the wheel would be built with lightweight plastic materials. The wheel itself is hollow on the inside, so it doesn’t quite have that sturdy feel you would get with higher end models.

No way to hard mount the wheel: The base of the wheel does not have the pre-made holes that will let you hard mount the wheel to your desk or gaming set up. It does come with a plastic clamp, which will need to be re-tightened after gaming sessions, especially long ones.

Thrustmaster T150 Review Conclusion

Despite the plastic construction of the wheel, the Thrustmaster T150 has a strong force feedback system that feels similar to higher priced racing wheel controllers. The easy setup options and the included pedal set make for a good entry level package.

Would be nice if it had a hard mounting option available, but the clamp works decent enough, and if you wanted to you could make your own mounting set up. There’s no doubt that a solid force feedback system can add a lot to your racing game experience. If you have never tried a force feedback wheel, Thrustmaster T150 is a good way to get started at an affordable price.

Thrustmaster T150 Review