Good / The Sole F85 comes with one of the best decks giving a comfortable yet quiet running / walking experience. The buttons and console work simply but well, and the device feels sturdy and reliable. 
Bad / If you want the fanciest touch control panel, the Sole F85 might disappoint you. 
Verdict / The Sole F85 is a simple product with core features that can provide a wonderful experience. The innovative deck, powerful motor, and wide trackpad give an ideal running and walking experience. 

Sole F85  Review

Sole F85 Review

The Sole F85 is the Sole company’s best selling treadmill, and in their opinion, the best folding treadmill to date.

However, the high-dollar amount for this product and most treadmills means that you have to be sure of quality before you make a purchase. In addition, different needs mean different products. Is this Sole F85 the right product for you?

You can’t just rely on what the company says. In this in-depth Sole F85 review, I’ll examine if this treadmill is worth your purchase.


The Sole F85 retails for around $1999. This is a standard price for a higher grade treadmill–much more than severe budget treadmills, but not an exorbitant amount for what you get. There are some more expensive models like the TT8 for $2499 but the F85 is one of the more expensive treadmills Sole offers. 

The Sole F85 is a great treadmill for a serious exerciser who loves to run or walk with all the newest and best features inside. But, what do you get exactly?


Sole F85 Review

The Sole F85 is built very well and feels like a very sturdy foldable treadmill. For the price, you get better quality than you would get in sub $500 treadmills for casual users. It’s capable for serious cardio athletes in home gyms and businesses.


The Sole F85 is powered by a quiet 4.0 yet powerful CHP motor. It supports speeds up to 12 mph (standard) and a maximum weight of 400 pounds. For a measure of the quality, it can easily handle 7-minute miles for 14 miles or more.


The Sole F85 has two-ply tracks with some of the largest roles in the industry that are 2.75” in diameter. These large tracks provide quiet operation and long-term reliability even after extended use.


Since you are paying more here for quality, you get a better deck than budget models. With the Sole F85, you get their CushionFlex Whisper Deck technology which they claim reduces impact by up to 40% compared to running outdoors. Some users have noticed that the shocks on the device squeak for the first couple of miles, but eventually once you break in the treadmill, they go away.

It also makes running quite smooth and quiet when running or walking on the treadmill. Running on this deck feels very good and its impact is much quieter than cheaper treadmills.


The Sole F85 has great incline with 30 levels supported up to a 15% grade. The adjustable incline is great if you want to increase the difficulty of your walking or running.


Sole F85 Review

The Sole F85 comes with a great console with a huge 10.1” display. You get multiple programs like manual, cardio training, weight loss, and muscle toning. The computer has enough room for multiple users, customized programs, and scrolling messages.

To control the console, you use buttons instead of a touchscreen. This makes it a bit easier to control in a pinch since touch-screen consoles on treadmills can be finicky. For the Sole F85, you get a simple interface, and it’s easy to use and set workouts without unnecessary complications seen in some higher end consoles on more expensive treadmills.


The Sole F85 is compatible with your smartphone and MP3 players. Make use of the headphone jack, speakers, as well as on-screen controls.


One of the Sole F85’s key features is that you can fold it. The Sole F85 has a hydraulic assist and a gentle soft-drop system to use. It can lock in either position, so you don’t have to worry about being squished! One thing to note is that the treadmill does fold out considerably, so you’ll need to make room for it wherever it is. Some users have also noted that they have found the side rails to be short.

Other Extra Features

The Sole F85 comes with a heart rate monitor that can give you a customized experience based on various factors like your age, gender, and a few other variables. The Sole F85 also comes with a console fan to cool you off during exercise. This year, Sole has also added Bluetooth capability which makes it easy to transfer workout data to smart devices. 


The Sole F85 comes with a five-year warranty on all parts of the device, but the frame, motor, and deck come with a lifetime warranty. Users who have used this treadmill in the extensive testing report that it’s been going strong for three years and the build quality is superb.


The Sole F85 has a ton of useful features for the relatively low price point. It has a great warranty and no huge user reports of errors or malfunctions. It’s a reliable product with good track offerings that provides a smooth experience for your home gym.

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