I’m a bit of an office and gaming chair aficionado. At times, it feels like if I could keep all of the chairs that I wanted my apartment would look like some storage warehouse.

The bad thing is that high-end ergonomic chairs like the Office Master IU79HD 24-Seven are quite beefy and take up a lot of room and require a significant investment of capital. So it’s very fortunate that I received the Office Master IU79HD 24-Seven from a friend so I could use it as a daily chair, and review it to help you decide if it’s a good chair or not.

There isn’t too much discussion about the Office Master IU79HD 24-Seven online, as you might have found–but this doesn’t mean that it’s a bad chair by any stretch of the imagination.

There are a ton of ergonomic office chairs out there without recognizable brand names that are mostly sold to random businesses across the world that are still very good chairs, but there are also very recognizable brand names with chairs that suck for one reason or another like I’ve seen in my Steelcase Gesture review.

So what does the Office Master IU79HD 24-Seven bring to the table? In this Office Master IU79HD 24-Seven review, I’ll find out!

Office Master IU79HD 24-Seven Review

Price $500-700

The Office Master IU79HD 24-Seven isn’t a cheap chair compared to the $100 standard chair that most people use from Staples or Office Max. However, it’s still cheaper than leading chairs like the Herman Miller Aeron or Steelcase Leap that we’ve used and looked at that usually sell brand new for $900+. The good thing about the chair is that you can buy it and use it with a variety of price ranges from $500 for the basic model to $950+ for the super high-end customizable model.

I think the price tag is very reasonable for the amount of features that the Office Master IU79HD 24-Seven has. The good part is that you can even enhance and customize the chair to a significant degree that I haven’t seen too often. You can enhance the seat cushion with more memory foam, enhance the seat height, decide if you want arm pads, what arm type ( front and back, side to side, etc)., what type of upholstery you want, as well as the fabric color.

Fully loaded, with each feature selected, this chair can easily go as high as $900+ like the Steelcase Leap, but I would warrant that a fully loaded Office Master IU79HD 24-Seven is even more powerful, customized (you can even get it with Pacman, or Stardust fabric) and potentially one of the best chairs on the market.

Features / Comfort

Office Master IU79HD 24-Seven Review

The Office Master IU79HD 24-Seven comes with the mandatory ergonomic features that I’ve seen in leading chairs, and then some. You get height adjustment through the pneumatic lift, a tilting backrest, back height adjustment (don’t see this much), a tilting seat (only seen this so far in DXRacer chairs), a sliding seat, rocking tilt, and a tension knob for the back. Overall, this is is a very comfortable chair!

Office Master IU79HD 24-Seven Review

Getting the Office Master IU79HD 24-Seven and playing around with it will take around 20 minutes or so to figure out everything, but the result is excellent. The chair is so adjustable it can fit anyone. If you get the fully loaded armrests, this is one of the most adjustable ergonomic chairs, if not the most adjustable chair, I’ve ever seen.  

I love how you can make the chair lean back very far with the tilting seat which moves the backrest and seat together. You can even lock the position into a reclined position, or just keep it loose so you can leap back or forward at will. However, I do want to mention that the chair’s design isn’t as revolutionary as something like the leap which has the seat move forward horizontally while the back tilts.

This chair has the back move back and the seat’s angle is locked in accordance with it instead of moving forward, it just tilts back so if you lean back a lot, your feet might have some trouble touching the ground. If I leave the tilt unlocked, I feel like there is slightly too much pressure on my legs to balance the chair in the right position. 

Office Master IU79HD 24-Seven Review

The chair’s tilting seat is particularly good since it pushes the backrest forward more than other chairs I’ve seen, so it’s VERY good for working intensely on your keyboard in front of your computer with support. At times, it does feel a bit odd sitting in it at first since it starts at an angle, and it can be hard to scoot forward like this, but then you can lean back or as forward as you want (semi-adjustable with the tension knob).  

Office Master IU79HD 24-Seven Review

It’s also very cool to see an adjustable back height adjustment so the chair can be well suited for those who like high back chairs or those who have to use a more mid-back chair. I’m a bit confused on which height I should use, however. I like having it set higher so I can rest my neck, but I think the lower height feels more accurate for proper lumbar support.

The building materials, even on the more basic model like I have are excellent, and the seat feels cushier than my Steelcase Leap. I also like how wide the seat panel is, and how deep it can go for users that have long legs like myself.

Office Master IU79HD 24-Seven Review

The memory foam arm pads (while they look like normal arm pads) are probably more comfortable than most I’ve tried on other chairs within the price range (much better than DXRacer for sure).

The height adjustment is also a bit more generous here as well, with a slightly higher height ceiling than the Steelcase Leap I’ve used (the chair is very good for bigger individuals or tall desks).


Office Master IU79HD 24-Seven Review

The chair is, quite frankly, very massive (in a good sort of way). It looks the part and certainly performs it too. The high backrest can be elevated to an absurd degree, and I’m sure that most basketball players would fit a home in the chair quite easily, but even a small gymnast could too! The chair doesn’t orient itself on a style, like some other ergo chairs, but it just looks like how it performs.

The back is mainly a large chunk of plastic and foam, the arm rests very standard looking (but I do like the slight curve on the edge and the inlay which makes your arms feel secure), and the incredibly wide seat and the deep seat looks pretty hefty and unstylish.

The chair is SUPER good for comfort, but it’s not anything special regarding what an office chair looks like, but I consider that a good thing.

Office Master IU79HD 24-Seven Review Conclusion

The Office Master IU79HD 24-Seven is a very nice chair. It’s super adjustable, so it fits perfect for me as a taller user, but I’m sure that it would also be good for shorter users since the range of adjustments is so diverse. While the adjustments can be confusing for an entry level ergo chair user, the high-quality building materials make the learning curve worth it. 

I love the wide seat panel, high-quality cushion, comfortable armrests, and the tilt functions of the chair that let you either lock the chair in the position you prefer or lean forward or as far back as you would want.

In conclusion, however, I’m not sure if I will be using this as my MAIN chair forever. The cushions are very nice, and the back support is good too, and it’s even cool that you can unscrew the arm rests if you want–but I miss the intuitive ability of my Steelcase Leap to recline when I lean back, and to incline when I move forward. I couldn’t ever get the right angle with this chair. I was either struggling not to pitch forward, or leaning way too far back.

Right now, however, the chair is very good and I’m still testing it out daily getting good results once I got used to not being able to lean back whenever I wanted. The back support is very good and the padding super comfortable.

With the leap, you don’t have to unlock or lock any adjustment for it to do this. It moves with you, instead of the other way around!