Good / The Logitech G29 is one of the best racing wheels around since it’s super easy to setup and reliable, but also because of the premium materials used as well as the diverse array of features that give you a hell of a driving experience.

Bad / The price can be a bit hard to swallow for people new to racing wheels.

Verdict / If you can afford $300 on a racing wheel, the metal-constructed pedals and hand-stitched leather wheel of the Logitech G29 is a no brainer.

Logitech G29 Review

Intro to Logitech G29 Review

The G29 is one of the most well-rounded racing wheels you can find for the PS4 or PC. Sure, it might cost more than an actual PS4 package on sale, so what do you get for the hefty price tag? In this G29 Review, I’ll go over what makes this racing wheel worth your cold hard cash.


The Logitech G29 is no joke since it costs $308 on Amazon. It rests around this $300 mark, which is more expensive than a good deal on a PS4 (usually on sale for $250).

Given this, you might think that the Logitech G29 is a waste of money, but as any practiced racing enthusiast will tell you, the Logitech G29 certainly delivers regarding quality, but also the experience. If you want one of the best racing wheels around, the Logitech G29 fits the bill. But why?


Logitech G29 Review

What does the Logitech G29 offer than lower-end racing wheels don’t? Plain and simple, its features. Features are what make and break most products, and the Logitech G29 is LOADED with features, but it’s also made with quality materials that are worth the high price point.

Most budget racing wheels like the Hori racing wheel offer complete packages with pedals, a wheel, and decent contours in the design. However, budget models lack sensors to make the wheel vibrate and react to the road which makes your racing feel much more realistic.

In addition, lower end racing wheels use more plastic than metal, whereas models like the Logitech G29 feature pedals that are fully medal, and a wheel that uses hand-stitched leather.

Logitech G29 Review

If you want a wheel that most likely feels better than the wheel in your car that you drive to work, the Logitech G29 might be the wheel for you. The wheel is made with quality materials that not only make the wheel feel heavy and hefty in your hand but also real enough to simulate a better driving experience.

As I already mentioned, the pedals are metal, the wheel has leather on it, and the dual-motor force feedback lets you feel every bump in the road. Along with the force feedback is helical gearing which makes the wheel feel super smooth, and the metal pedals allow you to break and accelerate with pressure sensitivity.

While the wheel feels like a real racing wheel, it still also functions perfectly for games since it has a wide array of accessible buttons within easy reach of the sides of the wheel. The wheel also uses LEDs that flash and light up to complete the immersion.

The reception on the Logitech G29 is extremely positive, citing easy setup, great button layout, compatibility with multiple games, and compliments towards the force feedback.


Logitech G29 Review

If you need the best premium racing wheel, the G29 hits a sweet spot. From here, it only gets more expensive and more hardcore, but I think this is the best deal if you want a premium racing wheel.

Logitech G29 Review