Finding a good chair for various purposes is no easy task especially when you are on a budget. In fact, it is very likely that the Kinsai Gaming Chair is the best deal in this regard. We reviewed the chair below.

Good / Ergonomic design to provide the best comfort no matter what purpose the chair is put to. Larger back and seat than previous model to accommodate the big guy even better. 360° swivel for easy movement in the office or gaming area. The back can move 90° to 180° for extra comfort. Armrests can be easily adjusted. Frame and base made of tubular​ steel for safety and longevity. The height gas-spring allows for ease of adjusting the height. The PU cover is easy to clean and resistant to fading.

Bad / Although focused on the big and tall people, there are those 240 pounds and more who complain that the chair gets uncomfortable after a while. However, such are isolated cases given that this chair is one of the largest available. If one cannot fit into this one, it would be hard fitting into another one.

Verdict / The Kinsai Gaming chair is an upgraded version of the previous chair in various aspects. After complaints that the previous version was a bit too tight, Kinsai made this one bigger, taller and more ergonomically sound than the other one. We recommend this chair from those who have different purposes in mind, have a tight budget and are looking for a beautiful chair in their home or office. With a price below $200 and features that can only be found in chairs costing several hundreds of dollars, the Kinsai company gets a feather in its cap for creating a compelling product.

Kinsai Gaming Chair Review

Introduction to Kinsai Gaming Chair Review

Kinsai has a family of chairs that have won over hundreds of thousands of customers in various categories. The focus of the company has been to provide the best chairs at the lowest price. While there are chairs cheaper than the ones by Kinsai,their price and quality are a big mismatch. If you are to get a chair you will be using for a while, find the one that does not harm you healthwise. For example, the Kinsai gaming chair has a good and comfortable feel to it that makes it one of the best in providing working or gaming comfort on a budget.


The chair costs just $192 with lots of offers to be found on various online platforms. Most customers will agree that this chair deserves and even surpasses its price point. For its features, one would expect that it be priced at double that price. Other chairs in the same category may cost a similar amount but customers have unanimously agreed that the Kinsai gaming chair is the best value for money.


Kinsai Gaming Chair Review

  • The most iconic features of this chair include;
  • Ergonomic design to provide the best comfort.
  • Comes with lumbar and headrest cushions for extra comfort.
  • Larger back size from the previous model; 36.6 by 22 inches compared to 33.5 by 21 inches.
  • Bigger seat than previous one; 22 by 23 inches compared to 19.5 by 21 inches.
  • 360° swivel for ease of movement.
  • Base with five arms and wheels to ease move over short distances.
  • The back can move 90-180° to attain the needed comfort level.
  • PU cover that is easy to clean and does not fade with usage.
  • Meant for multipurpose usage such as gaming, office work, reading, watching movies, resting and others.
  • Improved looks and size to accommodate larger users than the previous model.

Kinsai Gaming Chair Conclusion

This is one of the best chairs to get if you are on a budget but still want something worth your money. It is easy to conclude that the chair has some of the best features and, with its budget price point, it is easily the best.

Kinsai Gaming Chair Review