IntimaTe has been in the chair business for a while now. With experience come various advantages such as being able to pack so many features into a small frame and reduce the price significantly as seen in the IntimaTe gaming chair in this review.

Good / One of the few chairs that caters well for people of all sizes. Heavy duty seat and back pads for extra comfort for larger people. Extra thick cushions all around the chair even on the arms to prevent body ache when using the chair. Comes with an ergonomic design to ensure that the body is well rested for long hours of work or gaming. Front seat pad is soft enough to reduce legs hemp. Great and premium looks that are easy to relate to in the office or the gaming zone.

Bad / While the chair is geared towards those who have a large size and has a weight capacity of 250 pounds, some customers on the heavier end of the spectrum report of discomfort after seating for several weeks on the chair. While this could be an issue, it never occurs while the chair is new or for averagely weighing users.

Verdict / Gaming and desk chairs below $200 were always meant to be a big compromise on quality owing to their low price point. However, this is no longer the case given the competition in this class of chairs. This chair from IntimaTe is one of the best when to comes to choosing a budget chair that favorably competes with chairs in the same class that cost up to ten times more. With various levels of adjustment, good padding and a premium look and a price below $200, it is hard finding a chair to replace this one.

IntimaTe Gaming Chair Review

Introduction to IntimaTe Gaming Chair Review

While premium chairs go for a high price which is occasioned by premium materials such steel and leather, budget chairs would go for faux leather and less costly materials which meant that they were making a compromise on the quality. However, that is no longer the case given the many ways of reducing costs without ditching the quality as seen in this chair. The IntimaTe WM Heart Swivel chair is exactly what you get with good materials but with a low price point. For those seeking a chair with these qualities, this is the chair to consider for the best results.


At just $129.99 on Amazon, this chair is one of the best when it comes to making savings without compromising on quality. Another aspect that makes this chair one of the best is the fact that is has a strong focus on the large people. Few chairs below $200 ever feel comfortable especially for users 250 pounds and above. With this chair, however, the comfort is assured, the looks are all premium and the chair is ready for long periods of seating sessions. With this price point and the other aspects that come with it, it is almost an obvious choice to go for this chair.


IntimaTe Gaming Chair Review

Among the star features for this chair include;

  • Heavy duty seat and back pads that are also 2 inches wider than normal gaming chairs to provide comfort to the tall and large people.
  • The armrests are padded with extra thick material to provide comfort no matter your size.
  • Ergonomic design to absorb back pressure to do away with back pain.
  • The front of the seat pad is declined and soft to reduce pressure on the legs to do away with legs hemp.
  • A premium look and feel that makes it the best multipurpose chair.

IntimaTe Gaming Chair Review Conclusion

This is one chair you will enjoy having in your office and gaming area owing to its design, looks and the price point. When your friends walk into your office, they will likely think you just won the jackpot for the kind of chair you will be having in your house.

IntimaTe Gaming Chair Review