Good / HostGator has great speeds, uptime, and great pricing options for cloud hosting packages some of which rival the affordability of shared hosting packages. It has the cheapest cloud web hosting which is better than shared web hosting.

Bad / The best pricing options available require decent long-term commitments from 1 to three years (this is pretty standard among web hosts).

Verdict / By utilizing web host cloud technology with a low price, HostGator easily places #1 in our rankings if you want the fastest and most reliable web host option for your blog, business, wordpress site, or website platform.

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Intro to HostGator Cloud Review

HostGator is yet another shared hosting provider that offers a decent selection of features, pricing, and uptimes. However, today we aren’t here to discuss HostGator’s shared hosting platform–mainly since other providers like A2Hosting and Bluehost hosting do it better. HostGator does, however, offer shared hosting if you are more interested in that, and if you are on a budget this might be a decent choice. 

Today, we’re here to discuss HostGator Cloud, an option from HostGator that surpasses A2 Hosting and Bluehost shared hosting options– and cloud hosting options, in terms of speed and uptime without sacrificing affordability.

We chose to review HostGator as “HostGator Cloud” since we believe its the best offering and it competes better with other platforms and hosting options when matched with competitors.

Cloud hosting is a newer space in terms of web hosting which basically means that your website is pulled from a cluster of servers instead of one. Cloud hosting is more reliable, and stable, but usually the drawback is an increase in price. This is what makes HostGator Cloud a great option to other shared hosting platforms.


HostGator Cloud Review

One reason that people usually don’t recommend cloud hosting to someone looking for shared hosting is that usually there’s a pretty big price increase, usually around $10 extra a month.

However, HostGator Cloud starts out at $4.95 a month which is only slightly more expensive than A2 Hosting’s cheapest hosting plan (one of the cheapest web host providers out there), and much cheaper than A2 Hosting’s Cloud Hosting Plan which starts out at $15 a month!

As you can see, compared to competitors, HostGator definitely provides the best price for their cloud hosting platform.

And since it’s only slightly more expensive (instead of drastically so as per normal) than some cheaper shared hosting web host provider platforms, it’s worth it.


HostGator claims that it has two times faster speeds than shared hosting. Due to low-density servers, premium hardware and multiple caching layers, HostGator promises that the website  content loads more efficiently and enables dynamic content requests to be processed even faster than shared hosting. To test this, we went ahead and made a proxy site to see what kind of load times and speeds we would get.

Our tested speeds for HostGator Cloud were around 470 ms which means that HostGator is close to 120% faster than some other competitors. Only A2 Hosting’s Cloud Hosting is faster, and it costs nearly three times as month for the basic package.

When you have fast speeds like this, you increase the likelihood that a user will stay and be impressed with your site. There is nothing worse than a visitor leaving your site since it takes too long to load.

You might have thought that since HostGator Cloud’s pricing is so cheap that it must mean the speeds are slow. Nope!


So another feature of cloud hosting is that there is usually great uptime. With our proxy site, we have a percentage of 99.99% over the last year. That’s pretty damn good. This is one of the most important features of a web host. If they don’t have good uptime, then that means your website could be down losing you customers.

UI / Features

HostGator Cloud Review

One of my favorite things about HostGator Cloud is that they really tried to make it user-friendly and easy to use. This is due to a few reasons.

One reason is that HostGator Cloud paid special attention to creating an intuitive dashboard. The dashboard makes it simple to see quick analytics that show you usage trends, page download speed, uptime, global reach, and other stats.

Additionally, if you want to scale your website up to increase the amount of traffic it can hold, it’s easy to do so. Simply use the one button install systems to dramatically increase the data migration limit so you don’t have your website go down.

HostGator Cloud also uses things like automated failover, which means that if your site does malfunction to some hardware issue on their end, it’s switched to another server so your site stays up. HostGator Cloud also comes with cPanel which means it’s easy to install WordPress, manage email accounts, subdomains and more.

Other cool features:

  • Automatic Malware Removal

Since plugins and third party extensions can often be vulnerable to security flaws and bugs, you need to be sure your website doesn’t become jeopardized. Since HostGator Cloud provides automatic malware removal, you’re good to go even if you slack on a few plugins and updates.

  • Global CDN

HostGator’s Global CDN makes sure that your large files and videos will process and load quickly so your viewers get them quickly.

  • Free Migrations

One of the best things about HostGator is that they will transfer your site for free, unlike some decent web hosts like Bluehost which charge a fee.

Great Customer Support

HostGator has great live chat support, but they also support other platforms lioke email and phone. The live chat is my favorite option since its quick, and the reps on the platform seem knowledgeable and eager to help with issues. HostGator also has a 45 day money back guarantee which is great.

Anything Wrong with HostGator Cloud?

So while HostGator Cloud is our best find for web hosting in terms of price for what you get (speed + uptime / features), there are a few things to note since it’s no web host is perfect.

Pricing Tiers Confusing?

HostGator Cloud Review

While we mentioned it’s $4.95 a month to get the HostGator Cloud hosting amazing deal, this only locks in for a 36 month commitment. The 1 month price is $12.95, but even that is still cheaper than other competitors that are worthy (like A2 Hosting. A2 Hosting also doesn’t seem to offer package deals or commitment deals like HostGator for their cloud hosting, so HostGator Cloud Hosting still has good deals).

I think the 1 year commitment is a fair price as well, as that only requires $7.95 a month. If you don’t want to sign a three year hosting agreement to get the best speeds / uptime, and want something more basic, I would check out A2 Hosting’s shared hosting pricing tiers which are the cheapest and fastest shared hosting options.


We couldn’t really find much fault at all with HostGator’s Cloud hosting option. It’s the fastest and best Cloud Hosting with the cheapest pricing. Cloud hosting also beats out shared hosting easily. While the pricing requires a decent commitment, it’s  still the best deal you can get for the best speed and up times from a web host.

Even if you don’t agree to a three year commitment, $7.95 a month is still very good for the extra benefits of using cloud hosting versus shared hosting which only gives you one server. If you don’t care about cloud hosting and it’s benefits, check out A2’s regular hosting package. See our A2 Hosting Review for more information.