The Good / The HON Ignition is a great mid-price ergonomic chair solution. The chair is very adjustable and quite comfortable with a few upgradeable options. Synchro-tilt and back tension make reclining feel awesome. 
The Bad / The HON Ignition lacks the ability to add a headrest add-on unlike the HON Endorse, and I think a few other HON options like the HON Nucleus look a bit sleeker. 
The Verdict / The HON Ignition is a very affordable ergonomic chair that should stay comfortable and functional for many years. 

HON Ignition Review

Intro to HON Ignition Review

The HON Ignition is one of HON’s more premium chairs retailing at around $343 on Amazon. The chair has plenty of ergonomic features, and while it might not be quite as good of a chair as the HON Endorse (see this comparison article here on that), it’s still a cheaper offering from HON.

In this HON Ignition review, I’ll go over what the HON Ignition offers as an office chair. Is it worth a purchase?


The HON Ignition costs $343 on Amazon for the basic model with “Synchro-Tilt control”. It can get confusing, however, since there are a few options to choose from. You also have “Center Tilt Control,” “Synchro Tilt with Back Angle Control” and “Big and Tall.” It’s a bit confusing for you as the consumer to understand which version you want.

I think for most people the “Synchro-Tilt Control” is a good option, but the additional “Back Angle Control” feature could provide a bit more adjustment potential when you are leaning back. The center tilt control should ensures since this makes the seat stay in alignment with the back.

Here’s a picture to show some of the differences. The only kicker is that including the back angle control, the chair would cost $412.

Comfort / Features

HON Ignition Review

The HON Ignition has a good number of features like an adjustable back, synchro-tilt, a 300 LB weight capacity, adjustable arms, a breathable mesh back, stain repellant fabric, adjustable seat depth, back tension adjustment, and a tilt lock. These are all of the mandatory ergonomic functions that you would need from a chair, and for the $350 price range, it’s good to see all of these included.

The adjustable seat depth ensures even if you have long or short legs, the seat will be comfortable. I like that the HON Ignition uses a fabric covered seat in combination with a mesh back, since I find mesh seats to be uncomfortable for varied seating positions.

HON Ignition Review

Back tension and synchro-tilt are very important features, and you won’t find many chairs under the $300 that can give you comfortable recline like the HON Ignition. Synchro tilt ensures the chair doesn’t move the seat back with the backrest (I’ve even had this issue with $600 office chairs like this one) and the back tension gives you support while you lean back so the chair supports you.

I find the HON Ignition’s adjustability in the back interesting and effective, whereas chairs like the HON Endorse use more traditional lumbar pads. The Ignition just lets you move the entire back part of the chair up or down to get the right lumbar support. It’s a good system since it will fit tall or short users, and it doesn’t have the same sort of “hard lump feel” that some lumbar pads do have (even the Herman Miller Aeron have/had this problem).

Other features are pretty self-explanatory, and while the adjustable arms won’t compare to a chair like the Steelcase Leap, they are comfortable and decently adjustable regarding width and height.

HON Ignition Review Conclusion

The HON Ignition is a great chair from HON with plenty of ergonomic features and adjustments to make it a good fit for a tall or short user. The generous weight limit also helps, and the chairs default 5-year warranty ensures the chair will be comfortable and durable.

If you don’t quite like the look of the HON Ignition, consider looking at our HON Endorse review, or the HON Nucleus Review.