The Good / The Hon Basyx is one of the cheapest ergonomic chairs on Amazon. It’s a great deal with plenty of outstanding ergonomic qualities like adjustable seat depth, synchro-tilt, adjustable lumbar, and 4D adjustable arms.
The Bad / There are a few complaints about the Hon Basyx from taller users. The chair seems to be the best fit for average or shorter users.
The Verdict / If you want one of the cheapest ergonomic chairs on Amazon, you can’t get much better than the Hon Basyx. It’s much better looking to competitors like the Alera Chair.

HON Basyx VL721 Review

Hon Basyx Review Intro

To get a starter ergonomic chair on Amazon, you have to pay $100-200, but most of the chairs aren’t going to be that comfortable, and all of the ergonomic functions will be a bit limited in functionality and customization. This is the price you pay for being on a budget.

The HON Basyx, however, strives to be a bit different with a more aggressive price point and a few more features offered. In this HON Baysx review, I’ll go over what the chair has to offer that other cheaper chairs don’t–and what the chair shares with some more expensive offerings.


The HON Basyx is more expensive than some chairs on Amazon like the Alera Chair (Alera Chair Review), but it’s still priced very well and has a few more features. The chair costs $210, and $260 for the leather version of the chair. It also includes a five-year HON standard warranty.

Comfort / Features

HON Basyx VL721 Review

The HON Basyx has enough features to warrant it as an ergonomic chair. The HON Basyx VL721 has adjustments for seat height, depth, height and width adjustable arms, and synchro-tilt recline ability.

My favorite adjustments with the HON Basyx VL721 are the adjustable arms and synchro-tilt. For me, synchro-tilt is mandatory since I love to recline in my chairs, but I hate when the seat turns up to accommodate the new angle. The HON Basyx VL721’s seat and back act independently in a 2-1 ratio. This means you can lean back, and still have your legs and rear still resting in a comfortable horizontal position without an unnecessary angle. You can’t find hardly any chairs at this price point or under with this option.

The adjustable arms on the HON Basyx VL721 aren’t going to be good as something like the Steelcase Leap (Steelcase Leap Review), but they are still much better than lower priced alternatives or anything else in the price range. You can adjust how high they go, but you can also push them in and out to get a closer ergonomic width for your arms.

Thirdly, the adjustable seat depth ensures that you can get the right distance from the seat to your legs, which makes the HON Basyx VL721 a good chair for tall users with long legs as well. However, a word of caution–since I have seen some complaints suggesting that the back height is a bit short for tall users and that the seat height still might be a bit small even with the adjustments.

The HON Basyx VL721 does also feature lumbar support as well, which is very good–and it’s adjustable, but the adjustments do seem a bit limited for extremely tall users. If you do want a chair better suited for taller users, I would recommend the slightly more expensive HON Endorse chair (HON Endorse Review).

In addition to the adjustments, the chair also has good quality mesh and an upholstered seat. The chair looks quite nice and minimalist, and I prefer it looks to something like the Alera Chair which just looks a bit too functional and Aeron-esque. This chair has its own style and form working for it.

Hon Basyx Review  Review Conclusion

The HON Basyx is an extremely affordable chair with plenty of adjustments to be configured. The chair has a sleek design and a mesh back to keep you cool in the summer. I would recommend this chair to entry level ergo users, but if you’re extremely tall, I might recommend checking out the HON Endorse chair instead which seems to have better reviews and reception from taller users.