Good / GhostVPN starts strong with a client that has every feature you need from a secure VPN provider. Speeds are good, and website is very easy to use.
Bad / GhostVPN still needs to roll out mobile apps and live chat, but GhostVPN assures us that is coming soon!
Verdict / GhostVPN has entered the competitive VPN marketplace with ease. They have a full featured application with tons of security features that are sorely missing in some older competitors. While it’s not as full-featured yet as something like TorGuard VPN, it’s still very surprising to see such a polished product so early.
With more updates coming soon, GhostVPN might rank itself as one of our top VPNs quite quickly!


GhostVPN Review

GhostVPN is a brand new VPN provider that just got released. We’re going to take a look at it and see if it can hold up to competitors who have been on the market awhile. Will it flounder like some other brand new VPN providers like SaferVPN or OneVPN?

Or will it go above and beyond our expectations? Read the full GhostVPN review to find out!


 GhostVPN Review

GhostVPN has standard VPN pricing starting at $9.99 a month, $19.99 quarterly, and $59.99 a year. This is cheaper than something like ExpressVPN, but around the same price as something like TorGuard. 

It’s great to see that GhostVPN is offering a free proxy extension which can be useful if you’re on a Chromebook or want to get around website restrictions.

GhostVPN provides a ton of payment options including Bitcoin, and they have a 15-day money back guarantee!

Some of the best things about GhostVPN is that you instantly get access through Bitcoin. I’ve reviewed plenty of VPNs where that isn’t the case.


GhostVPN Review

GhostVPN has a very similar software to TorGuard, which is excellent since TorGuard has some of the best features we’ve seen from a VPN. However, GhostVPN’s software feels newer with a visual update that lets you see when you aren’t connected, and how you do connect on a visual map.

GhostVPN Review

With GhostVPN, you get the full package including kill switches, dedicated IP address shortcuts, proxy integration, as well DNS, IPv6, and WebRTC leak protection. It’s very easy to navigate the settings and find the settings you need to tweak to your liking.

You can even auto-boot on launch, change how the app starts (whether minimized or not) and execute scripts. The only VPN that comes close with this amount of features is TorGuard, with ExpressVPN trailing a bit behind regarding features.

GhostVPN Review

While GhostVPN’s feature set alone was enough for me to be impressed, I also liked GhostVPN’s spooky theme and glowy teal coloring contrasted by gray backgrounds which make it stand out from some other competitors.

Mobile Software 

Since GhostVPN just came out, they don’t have a mobile app yet. We will update this section when they do. GhostVPN’s support informed me they are coming in a few weeks.

Extra Services

GhostVPN Review

GhostVPN supports Stealth VPN as well as Stealth Proxy. We’ve seen similar offerings from TorGuard and it’s great to see them here for users in censored countries that might need this extra layer of protection.

They also support five simultaneous connections which is about the highest we’ve seen (much better than three like from our third top rated VPN, ExpressVPN).


After reviewing a lot of VPNs and having to use their sites quite frequently, GhostVPN’s website is a breeze. It’s all one page, and navigation is made easy by helpful menu headers that take you to each section you might need.

The best part about GhostVPN’s site is that all of the information is transparent, and nothing is withheld. I don’t have to message support to see their encryption rate, logging policy, money back guarantee, or any other details that could make or break their service.

Good color scheme, modern design, and helpful text copy make this one of the best VPN websites around.


GhostVPN Review

GhostVPN has a lot of servers with support for over 45 countries. After perusing and testing a bunch of their servers, they seem to have most major countries covered with good speeds. For a new VPN, they have a very very solid amount of servers for users to take advantage of around the world.


GhostVPN lets you customize your cipher strength, but they do support 256-AES as well as a no logging policy. “ does not store or log any traffic or usage from its Virtual Private Network (VPN) or Proxy.”


GhostVPN Review

Testing out GhostVPN gave us some excellent speeds. My ping was only 27 MS; my download rate was 70 Mbps, and the upload speed was 11.41 Mbps. These speed tests aren’t that impressive by themselves, but in real world tests, I received great rates for torrenting.


I reached out to GhostVPN through a support ticket asking them about live chat, and they told me it’s coming within the next few weeks. Their response was very quick, but since their service is so new, I’ll have to come back and readjust this part of the review when I can test out live chat better.


GhostVPN is the best new VPN we’ve tested this year in 2016, if not one of the best VPNs altogether. Their client offering is SUPER strong, and their server network is already bigger than some older VPNs we’ve reviewed.

Their website is simple and easy to navigate, pricing fair, and once future offerings solidify (mobile app + live chat) we might be able to recommend them as one of the best VPNs you can use!