The Good / The chair has the widest seat panel and largest weight/height capacity of any DXRacer chair. If you like the Formula design or classic DXRacer style, the Tank is a good choice.

The Bad / The chair is quite expensive and it costs around $600.

The Verdict / If you want the biggest DXRacer, the DXRacer Tank is the best choice. It’s HUGE with a super wide seat panel, large back, and the height capabilities of the two provided gas levers is quite good. The construction of the base and materials used are very solid with steel components.

DXRacer Tank Review

Intro to DXRacer Tank Review

Imagine the DXRacer Racing series chair, or the Formula series–but WAY bigger–and you have the DXRacer Tank. In this DXRacer Tank review, I’ll go over some of the features, specs, and help you decide if the Tank is the right chair for you.

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The DXRacer Tank is expensive–that can’t be denied. At $599, it’s even more expensive than the DXRacer Boss, and any other chair in the DXRacer lineup. However, there’s good reason for this. Mainly just because the amount of materials used are much greater which increases the cost. Simply put, the chair is bigger, so it’s more expensive.

Comfort / Features

DXRacer Tank Review

Even DXRacer claims that the Tank is the re-imagined version of the classic DXRacer chair–like the Formula, or slightly bigger than the Formula–the “Racing Series”. Here, the design is the same.

You get the racing flair with side wings and seat ridges on the sides, and the high back has a cutout in the top portion for maximum “speeds”. The main thing to consider when buying the Tank chair is how big of a chair you want. The Tank is expensive, but it’s often the perfect fit for the biggest guys around.

The Tank Series comes with two gas cylinders which you can change out, which means that the chair will be able to go up much higher than other chairs. The recommended height range is from 6’1” to 6’” with a weight capacity of 450 lbs. If you’re overweight, or extremely tall, and you want the widest seat panel and the tallest back, this is the chair for you.

Similar to the other Formula chair, the Tank comes with two cushions, and the comfort level is about the same–just roomier.

The straight back is very firm, and the seat is firm too. Expect some level of breaking in required before you get truly comfortable. The experience is always similar to sitting in a car seat since the design is similar.

DXRacer Tank Review Conclusion

The  DXRacer Tank isn’t a complicated product. Unlike some DXRacer chairs like the DXRacer Boss or Sentinel Series that have a slight departure from the normal DXRacer “feel”, the  DXRacer Tank feels familiar and looks like a classic DXRacer. It has the adjustable arms, lumbar pillows, and basic bright coloring.

Due to the chairs weight capabilities, the materials used are quite strong. There is a steel base and foundation, and the durability of the foam should last you quite awhile. The chair is also easy to setup since it’s mainly just putting the base together and attaching the backrest to the preassembled seat/armrest combo.

DXRacer Tank Review