The Good / The DXRacer Origin Series  is super affordable and a great chair for smaller users.

The Bad / If you’re not shorter or small, the DXRacer Origin Series might prove to be too “weak”. In addition, the low cost means some sacrifices like adjustable arms, premium leather feel, and cheaper build materials.

The Verdict / While cheap, the DXRacer Origin Series is still a great chair for the price, but when compared to some other DXRacer options, it does feel a bit more like a toy in some respects. If you want a more premium experience, check out the DXRacer Elite or DXRacer Formula Series.

DXRacer Origin Series Review

Intro to DXRacer Origin Series

The DXRacer Origin Series is the cheapest chair offering provided by DXRacer. Due to this low price, you’ll get a less-premium product. However, that doesn’t mean the DXRacer Origin Series is a bad choice. In this full DXRacer Origin Series review, I’ll take a look at what you get for the low-price.

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The DXRacer Origin Series is only $239 on Amazon, which is a far cry from some other chairs DXRacer offers like the $500+ DXRacer Boss Series.

Comfort / Features

DXRacer Origin Series Review

While the DXRacer Origin Series is cheaper, it’s not just because of the size–even if that is a factor since there is less materials used. Put simply, there are less materials used here since the chair is much smaller than most DXRacer chairs. It’s mainly for kids, women, or smaller men. The limit for height and weight is 5’9” and 200 LBs respectively. If you’re above that, you might find that the chair is too small or that when you sit in it, the chair sinks too much.

But for the cheap price, you do get to miss out on a few things. The padding is less dense, and the materials used are different. Given that, you still get DXRacer pillows and the same overall experience in terms of looks. I actually quite like the unique look of the Origin series since the back has an interesting hexagonal colored pattern that comes in bright colors. 

For example, fabric is used instead of fake leather, and the chair’s armrests aren’t adjustable whereas other DXRacer chairs have armrests that can go up or down, even if they aren’t the best quality of arms. The base is also nylon instead of Steel. But that’s OK since the chair is lighter.

The chair does still recline, however, so if you’re in for that feature, this is a good DXRacer chair to start with. The overall ergonomic design with the chair is similar as well, and if you like straight backed car seats, you’ll like the firm padding of the DXRacer Origin.

DXRacer Origin Series Review Conclusion

The DXRacer Origin Series is a budget DXRacer perfect for the smaller person. There are some semi-drastic compromises made for the cheaper price–however, like the non-adjustable arms, weaker base, smaller size, and fabric used instead of fake leather.

The chair is still quite good though–for the price, you won’t find a higher quality gamer chair around that not only feels as good in terms of comfort, but looks as cool in terms of design.

DXRacer Origin Series Review