Good  / The DXRacer Formula Series is an affordable chair from DXRacer made for average sized users. As I discovered in my DXRacer Sentinel Review, DXRacer chairs are very easy to build. The chair has good recline abilities, and decent adjustments for the price when compared to other chairs. It has the classic “racing style” look, so if you want to be like your favorite streamer, or start your streaming career, this is a good start if you’re on a budget. 
Bad / The DXRacer Formula Series might be too small for people over 5’9″. Some people find that the pillows aren’t comfortable. 
Verdict / If you want a DXRacer chair, this is a great start. Just keep in mind that the chair does have ridges on the side, and wings on the seat (some people find these annoying). If you think this might bug you, consider checking out the DXRacer Elite Series ($299) or Classic Series ($399). Or if you want to see a great comparison of all the DXRacer chairs, get out the comparison table here

DXRacer Formula Series Review

DXRacer Formula Series Review Intro

The DXRacer Formula Series chair is often where people first look when considering DXRacer as a potential chair. If I were to dub a specific DXRacer chair, “DXRacers best selling or main chair,” the Formula Series chair would be it.

The reason is that it has most everything you’d want out of a DXRacer chair, and due to it’s sizing, specifications, and pricing, it’s often the chair people get the most. In this DXRacer Formula Series Review, I’m going to take a look at what features you get with the Formula, as well as who the chair is for, and if it’s worth the cost.

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The DXRacer Formula Series costs anywhere from $299 for the basic version up to $439. This is about the middle of the price line for a DXRacer chair. The cheapest version of DXRacer, that being the Origin series, is a bit cheaper at $239.


DXRacer Formula Series Review

So is the DXRacer Formula Series chair comfortable? Well, in a lot of ways, that’s up to you.

I would say that for the price of $299, it is worth it. The chair is made for people up to 5’9” in height, with a 200 LB weight limit capacity. The arms can be adjusted up and down and side to side (One thing to note is that I have seen people purchase squishy gell-like armrest pads for their DXRacer which is an awesome mod). The chair’s main material is fabric, or carbon look vinyl (leather-like material) depending on which exact version you get. (The version on Amazon here is fabric–which I prefer since it doesn’t get so sweaty).

Most DXRacer Formula Series chairs feel the same since the design components are the same and the overall shape of the back is the same as well. The way the chairs differentiate is in height, material, and some form factors (some chairs have more side ridges or wings). My main experience with DXRacer is the Sentinel Series chair.

Overall, DXRacer chairs like the Formula series feel quite firm, and the back is very straight. The chairs are very nice to lean slightly back in. DXRacer chairs are great for people who want a stable “luxurious” feel.

DXRacer Formula Series Review

The chairs don’t have crazy lumbar support, and they aren’t super adjustable like ergonomic chairs. But for the price point, most other chairs out there aren’t either. If you want a true ergonomic chair, you need to spend at least $600+ for something like the Ergohuman chair.

Most people find that the pillows supplied are either a hit or miss. For me, I found that my back couldn’t get used to having a pillow wedged up against it. Some people, though, like the pillows. Besides that, though, the DXRacer chairs have a more traditional comfortable fit, and if I were to compare the feel of the chairs, I would say that they do indeed feel like racing seats or car chairs.

If you are someone looking to get a DXRacer chair because you have a lot of back pain or specific needs, I would consider looking at more expensive ergonomic chairs like the Steelcase Leap. The only complaints I see about DXRacer chairs are people expecting something different.

However, if you just want a cool looking chair that is miles better than your normal office chair and not $900+, then the DXRacer Formula Series chair is a good option.

DXRacer Formula Series Review Conclusion

So is the DXRacer Formula Series chair a good buy? Well, if you meet the height and weight requirements, and like the look of the chair, I would say it is.

A few things to note is that the chair does have significant wings on the side of the main backrest, and alongside the seat panel. If you think this might bug you, consider checking out the DXRacer Elite Series ($299) or Classic Series ($399).

DXRacer Formula Series Review