The Good  / If you want the best and biggest DXRacer has to offer, I would warrant the DXRacer Boss Series is the BEST chair you can buy from them. It is HUGE and the ergonomic design that takes more from executive styled chair really helps with the comfort factor. 

The Bad / Like all DXRacer chairs, there’s a “break-in” period due to the firm cushioning. Some users think the Boss Series is a bit “overkill” and prefer the DXRacer Classic due to a cheaper/more reasonable price price. 

The Verdict / Made for the biggest gamers around, the DXRacer boss is comfortable and the perfect size for those 6″ up. 

DXRacer Boss Series Review

Intro to DXRacer Boss Review

DXRacer chairs come in various shapes and sizes (small, medium, and large), but for the most part, a large portion of the available chairs function and look essentially the same.

Each chair has a straight back with the same sort of padding, a firm seat cushion, wheels, arms, and a solid steel foundation. We’ve covered each chair in our DXRacer Master Guide, but this DXRacer Boss Review will focus on what makes the Boss series worth a look.

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The DXRacer Boss Series chair is one of the most expensive chairs sold from DXRacer. It goes for $589 on Amazon. The reason is that it’s also one of the biggest chairs they sell with a huge height and weight range of 6’1” and 425 LBs respectively.

Comfort / Features

Is the  DXRacer Boss Series chair more or less comfortable than other DXRacers? For most people, I would wager that it’s going to be more comfortable due to less racing flair. While the racing flair in other DXRacer chairs makes them look cool, it’s not always the best for ergonomics.

Having huge side wings and ridges on the seat is great for protection in a car, but for desk work or gaming, it’s nice to have less “racing chair” inspired design and more “ergonomic office chair” inspired design. Thankfully, the  DXRacer Boss Series chair  and Classic Series take this avenue and it leads to some of the best products by DXRacer.

DXRacer Boss Series Review

The  DXRacer Boss Series chair comes with a built in headrest, and the back also has a different sort of padding with a layered texture. Unlike other DXRacers, it doesn’t have a cutout in the headrest which I like. The back support is quite firm, like other DXRacers, but its supportive just like the seat. The padding won’t wear down like more “cush or plushy” office chairs you can find for sub $200.

The rest of the  DXRacer Boss Series chair is fairly standard. The wheels work good, and the armrests are standard. It’s very easy to build, but the  DXRacer Boss Series chair might be a two person job since the chair is so big and heavy.

One complaint to note about the  DXRacer Boss Series chair is that some users, (even large/tall users) think that the chair is too big. The chair is BIG, let me make that clear. Even if you’re 6 foot, it’ll go past your head. If you think you’d be OK with a smaller chair, the DXRacer Classic Series is a good investment. However, if you’re 6’4” or above, this chair will feel PERFECT and it’s worth the extra cost since it not only has a high back, and seat, but it also has the ability to go up high through the gas lever–for your legs.

DXRacer Boss Review Conclusion

If you’re a “big guy or gal” and want one of the biggest chairs DXRacer has to offer–or if you’re just looking for a mega office chair for gaming/working, the Boss Series is probably the biggest and best option. Sure it’s expensive, but the looks, comfort, and durability of the chair–as well as the easy setup, make this a great buy.

DXRacer Boss Series Review