The Good /  The Boss Office Products B991-CP chair is very durable and perfect for users who are heavier. The chair is fairly comfortable, and the padding feels nice to sit in.
The Bad  / The Boss Office Products B991-CP chair is made for bigger people, but the seat cushion is very short which makes it hard to sit in for bigger users–which strangely enough, is who the chair is designed for.
Armrests are a nice touch, but the lack of adjustments and quality padding don’t provide long term comfort. The armrests are also placed very far appart, which isn’t ergonomic. Frequent reviewers explain issues with the gas lever weakening after time.
The Verdict / The Boss Office Products B991-CP chair might be a decent chair for casual users who won’t notice the chair’s limitations, but for those who spend serious time at the computer, the B991’s flaws will become immediately apparent and uncomfortable.

Boss Office Products B991-CP Chair Review

Intro to Boss Products B991-CP Chair Review

The Boss Office Products B991-CP chair is one of the top sold chairs on Amazon. When you look at it, it’s a premium looking chair with sleek padding, comfortable armrests, a durable base, and a 350LB weight limit. What could go wrong? With over 405 reviews and a current 4-star rating, this chair has to be a keeper right? Well, for some intents and purposes it could be.

In this Boss Office Products B991-CP chair review, I’ll go over what the Boss Office Products B991-CP chair offers regarding features, durability, comfort, pricing, and what the best use for the chair is.


The Boss Office Products B991-CP chair costs $193 on Amazon and $220 for the other color variants. This is the price range that chairs start to get kinda good and it’s certainly a far cry from what chairs I would call the most ergonomic, like the Steelcase Leap.

Comfort / Features

Boss Office Products B991-CP Chair Review

The Boss B991 Heavy Duty Big & Tall Executive Chair is made for bigger people, which is good since it has a weight limit of 350 LB and design to fit big and tall users. The chair has a bigger back than most, and it’s supposed to be extra durable with a 5-star base and decent wheels.

The chair uses a curved contour to keep your back in alignment, and the chair has built-in lumbar support with a tilt mechanism. However, pretty much every chair made claims to have built in lumbar support–and even just looking at the chair you can tell there isn’t much lumbar support.

Boss Office Products B991-CP Chair Review

The contour and design of the chair aren’t bad, but if it doesn’t hit you just right, you can’t adjust the lumbar support, and it won’t support yours properly. Most chairs of this value aren’t a one chair fits all solution, and this chair is no exception since it has limited adjustments.

Sure you can adjust the height of the chair, but the arms, seat cushion and back tension are all fixed without any adjustments. The arms do look fairly comfortable with a bonded leather, but in my experience, Boss products arms usually look nice with the leather, but they don’t perform very well since the materials they use inside the arm rests slowly give way to pressure, and in time you will feel the metal/plastic of the support hitting your elbow. In fact, they are vague on purpose, explaining that “plush” is used inside the chair arms.

Boss B991 Review Conclusion

The Boss B991 Heavy Duty Big & Tall Executive Chair is a durable chair, and I don’t doubt that it will support your weight if you are heavy. It’s a decent executive chair if you aren’t picky about chairs and want something a bit more “plush,” but since the chair lacks significant adjustments, it doesn’t hold as much ergonomic value as other chairs.

Overall, I would recommend this chair to a casual user spending a few hours at the computer per day. However, if you dig around as I have, you’ll find that many users find quality assurance problems with the gas lever. Other users also mention that the arm lengths on the chair are too far apart to be ergonomic and that the seat depth is too short for most users, which makes it feel like you are constantly falling off the chair.

If you want a better chair for the same price point, I would instead recommend something like the Hon BASYX Chair since it’s more durable, made from a quality company, and has good ergonomic adjustments.

Boss Office Products B991-CP Chair Review