Good / A2 Hosting is one of the best web host providers you can find. With amazing speeds, affordable pricing, and great server uptimes, as well as all of the important cPanel and one-click install integrations (WordPress).
Bad / Less known than competitors, making this web host a secret find!
Verdict / A2 Hosting is a secret gem that more people need to know about. This is an industry leading web host. 

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A2 Hosting Review


A2 Hosting is based in Ann Arbor Michigan and has been in the web hosting industry since 2001. While they don’t necessarily have as large as a brand presence as some other web providers, they have been known to provide a quality web hosting experience in the hosting community.

In this A2 Hosting review, we will take a look at the extended feature set as well as other determining factors to help you decide if you should use A2 as your hosting provider.

Shared hosting
Lite $3.92 a month
Swift $4.90 a month
Turbo $9.31 a month

A2 Hosting has three different pricing models available for your basic shared hosting needs. Things start at the lite model with only one website available, five databases, and Turbo not included. The next model, “Swift” gives you access to unlimited websites and databases, while the Turbo model gives you the same with Turbo mode added–the fastest service yet–as the site describes it.

Across the website, you’ll also find options for VPS Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Cloud Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting.

A2 Hosting Review

The Reseller plans come in Deliver, Achiever, and Endeavor with each progressive step giving you more storage and transfer limits. Deliver gives you 60 GB storage and 600 GB transfer while Endeavor–the most expensive, gives you 130 GB and 1300 GB. Each Reseller package comes with unlimited client accounts.

VPS hosting is split into managed vs. unmanaged hosting. Unmanaged hosting starts at $5 a month with Entry, while Mid, and Top level VPS hosting increases from 20 GB storage at the entry level to 30 GB Mid-tier and 50 GB Top-tier. Mid and Top also give you 1 GB ram. Managed VPS hosting starts at $32.99 a month for Power+, $46.19 for Prestige+, and $65.99 a month for Pinnacle+. Each model gives you more storage, ram, and transfer limits.

Finally, you have dedicated hosting which is available in Flex and Managed Flex. Flex is designed to be used by devs and experts, where Managed Flex is meant to be more user-friendly and accessible for all types of users. Unmanaged dedicated server hosting starts at $99.959 for the “Sprint” model, while the mid-tier package–“Exceed” is $165.99, and the final package “Mach” is $248.99 a month. Similar to the other types of hosting here, each tier (for ram it increases only in the Mach model) increases ram, data transfer limits, as well as the processor power.

Is A2 Pricing Good?

A2 Hosting has excellent pricing, beating out what many consider the cheapest web host provider–Bluehost–by a whole 3 cents! So if you need a cheap web host provider, definitely consider A2 Hosting since the Swift and Turbo models beat out each Bluehost pricing plan easily regarding affordability.

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Uptime and Reliability

A2 Hosting claims that it operates at a 99.9% uptime. We’ve researched some tests and found that the site hits very close to that mark with a 99.98% uptime. This means that over 12 months the site has only been down for a few hours–which, when stretched out over the course of a year, isn’t that big of a deal. A 99.98% uptime is very high–ranking A2 Hosting amongst the best of web host providers in terms of uptime and reliability.


A2 Hosting comes with a cool number of features and inclusions.

#1 Good Tools

Like some other providers, A2 Hosting includes cPanel which is a great platform for installing various integrations as well as using administrative options. In addition, A2 Hosting also offers their own in-house SiteBuilder tool, and Cloudflare.

#2 Security

One of these features is “HackScan” which is made to keep your site safe from hackers. It’s a free service that includes a firewall, virus scanning, and brute force defenses to protect from DDOS attacks and the like.

#3 Free Site Migration

A2 Hosting also gives you FREE site host migration, which–when compared to some providers like Bluehost, seems quite generous indeed. Instead of paying nearly $150,  you can relocate your website from another hosting provider to A2 Hosting (as long as your current web host uses cPanel.

#4 WordPress + CMS Friendly 

Like other big competitors, A2 Hosting is also very easy to use with most major content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, OpenCart, and Magneto with one click setup buttons.

#5 FAST!

Speed is considered a feature with A2 Hosting since we found their servers to give some amazing page load times. A2 Hosting claims that they are 20 times faster than their competitors, and with some of our tests and research we found that they have an average of 202 MS–which is the fastest load time out of the web hosts we’ve looked at.

A2 Hosting Review Summary

In our A2 Hosting review, we went over the best things that this web host can provide–whether that be killer speeds, fantastic pricing, or the numerous extended features that you get when you sign up. There isn’t too much to criticize here with A2 Hosting–(except maybe that you have to pay a little extra for the best speeds) and it should be a great web host provider for your blog, business, or enterprise solution.

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