VPN technology has taken over our lives. If you are a streamer and have found yourself geo-blocked at the moment of watching your favorite TV show, or you have been in contact with a hacker or have been flagged for messing with copyrighted content, then you surely are familiarized with this tool.

However, there are dozens of different companies out there, competing in the fierce market. That is why it is important to clearly establish the distinct offerings, traits, features, and other factors that differentiate one VPN brand from the rest.

A VPN tier list is a fantastic way of grouping VPN companies into tiers or groups that host similar options. Finding a VPN tier list in Google, however, is not particularly easy, as there aren’t many options.

How to Find a VPN Tier List?

However, at Tom Spark’s VPN Tier List, I have worked with the VPN tier list system and have created one of my own. I understand the importance of organizing VPN companies into tiers because it helps potential customers to understand the drop-offs in quality among different options.

For example, a VPN in the God Tier at VPN Tier List should be much more highly regarded than a Tier 4 alternative. The God Tier is the gold standard in the business, an option with few or no drawbacks and a fair price. That is why TorGuard is, so far, the only VPN in that spot.

Starting from the God Tier, the system states that the higher a tier’s number is, the better its options are. The VPNs in Tier 1 are better bets to offer solutions to your privacy, accessibility, and security issues than those in Tier 2, for example.

Our tier list has TorGuard as the lone option in the “God Tier.” Then, AirVPN is the only alternative in Tier 1, which means it is worse than TorGuard but better than Private Internet Access, Windscribe, IPVanish, VPN.AC, Perfect Privacy VPN, and SaferVPN, all in Tier 2.

The tier list continues with Tiers 3 and 4. ExpressVPN, a big-name VPN, and SurfShark are in the former; while NordVPN and ProtonVPN are in the latter. Tier 4 VPNs are not recommended, according to our system.

So, the next time you are needing a VPN company, and find yourself wondering how to find a VPN tier list to sort through options while making direct comparisons between brands, go to VPN Tier List and take advantage of one of the very few VPN tier lists in the web.