The excitement of getting a new mattress might be short-lived if after the first few nights of sleeping on it you realize that it is too firm for your liking. The dangers of sleeping on a too firm mattress are too many, ranging from backaches, lack of sleep which affects your productivity throughout the day and generally feeling tired day and night.

Now, the first thought that crosses most people’s minds in this situation is getting a new mattress. However, this can be an expensive choice to go with, and you might risk getting another too firm or too soft mattress. There are cheaper options to dealing with a firmer mattress, and they might prove to be better than even purchasing another mattress, and with time as you use them, your mattress will soften, and you will be able to sleep on it without adding anything.

How to Make Mattress Softer:

Check your foundation and the beddings

Sometimes we focus so much on the mattress forgetting that the problem could be somewhere else. Your bed, for example, can greatly affect how firm or soft the mattress feels. A solid foundation such as wood plank, the floor or a firm platform provides less give to the mattress, and this makes it considerably firm. Thus, the first step should be checking if you have the right foundation for the mattress.

Again, using tight sheets on your bed could create a firm sensation, and you might be quick to conclude that the mattress is too firm for you. If sheets fit too tight, consider replacing them with loose ones and see if it makes any difference.

Lie in it 

Ever bought shoes and the first few times you wear them you think to yourself that maybe you made the wrong choice because they are not as comfortable, but they later become your favorite because they suddenly feel so comfortable? Well, I bet you would never have liked them ever if you tossed them away with the first trial.

This is the same case with a mattress. You have to be patient with the break-in period. Remember, the mattress you laid on in the store has been tried on by almost everyone who walks in that store so most probably it will feel softer.

Note: Do not be tempted to try and jump, walk or do anything crazy on your mattress to try and speed up the break-in process. If you do, you will end up causing more problems like creating lumps, and at the end, it won’t feel softer.

Adjust the room temperature

You might have been told that your mattress, for example, a memory foam mattress, will respond to your body temperature hence become firmer or softer accordingly. What you might not have thought about is that the mattress will respond to the room temperature as well. Thus, if you live in colder climates, your mattress might feel firmer than it would in a different climate. Adjusting your room temperature could help.

Flip and rotate it

Sometimes, even older mattresses feel firm, so the problem is not that they are brand-new stiff. In this case, you can try flipping and rotate it, but this will only apply to rotatable and flappable mattresses.

Try a mattress topper

If you have tried all the above tricks and your mattress still feels uncomfortably-firm, before you think of replacing it, try a mattress topper. There are different types of mattress toppers:

Duvet comforter

How to Fix a too Firm or Too Soft Mattress

Duvet comforters are great short-term solutions to firmer mattresses before finding the best mattress topper for your bed. Just get a comforter or duvet and tuck it under your mattress cover. Most of the time we think too hard, but it is the things around us that could make all the difference. However, don’t get too comfortable and forget to look for a long-term solution as this might not offer comfort for a long time.

Need a good duvet comforter?

Foam Topper

How to Fix a too Firm or Too Soft Mattress

This is another cheaper way of achieving the right softness for a comfortable sleep. You will easily find a foam topper at an affordable price, and they are easily customizable. They are available in different shapes, kinds, and thickness hence the price ranges. However, foam topper do not offer a long-term solution, but they are very comfortable while they last and because they are really cheap, you can always replace them when need be till your mattress softens.

Need a good Foam topper?

Get a feather bed

You can opt for a soft, fluffy nest for your bed. Featherbeds are made up of large feathers and bird dawn, and their price range is very wide, so you will easily find one that fits your budget. However, when shopping for a feather bed, you have to confirm the down percentage because if down percentage is high, then the larger feathers will be few. The problem with too many larger feathers is that they can be crunchy and poke through the fabric thus pricking you as you sleep.

Your feather bed should also be thick and fluffy because once you start lying on it, your weight will compact it. But, if over time your featherbed stops offering the best comfort due to decreased fluffiness you can have it fluffed back up. One thing with featherbeds is that if you get the best, they will offer the best comfort for many years.

Get an actual mattress topper

How to Fix a too Firm or Too Soft Mattress

Actual mattress toppers are available in different sizes, shapes, material, and use. They are way cheaper than buying new mattresses and will help you achieve the perfect firmness for you. However, before purchasing one, be sure to check the right one to help you fix the problem. You don’t have to sleep on an uncushioned and crummy mattress while toppers were invented to offer you just the right comfort. You can get a memory foam topper or a hybrid to enjoy both worlds.

Many benefits come with adding an actual mattress topper. First, they help in pressure relief, and they add comfort, lengthen the mattress’ lifespan, they are economical to buy compared to a new mattress, they are lightweight thus make an excellent travel companion, help reduce allergies and also help in temperature control.

Need a good mattress topper?

How to Make Mattress Firmer:

Just as some people prefer softer mattresses, some people swear by firm mattresses. Thus, they will go all the way to finding a solution to their soft mattresses. Luckily, just as there are affordable tips to soften a firm mattress, there are cheaper ways to make a soft mattress firm.

Check the foundation

Just as a too solid foundation has the effect of making a mattress feel firm, a poor support/foundation will make your mattress feel softer. And, though the mattress might not show any signs of sagging, mostly if it’s new, it might not be firm enough for a comfortable sleep.

Add plywood on your foundation

To correct a poor foundation, you can just add a plywood to create a solid foundation. This intern gives your mattress a proper support, and it will feel firm when you lie on it. However, when adding the plywood to your bed frame, ensure that it gets a good center support to avoid breaking it when you lie on the bed.

Flip and rotate the mattress

For older mattresses, you might just need to flip or rotate them every so often to make them feel firmer again. However, ensure that your mattress is flappable and rotatable. The logic here is that you might have laid on one part of your mattress for too long that it has started giving in but once you rotate and flip it you lie on a new spot that’s still firm.

Control the temperatures

Just as with when trying to make a firm mattress soft, controlling the temperatures will help if your mattress responds to temperatures. You can turn the air conditioner up to make the room cooler.

Get a firm mattress topper

Just as there are mattress toppers that are made to make a firm mattress soft, there are many toppers make to make a soft mattress firm. They are available in different prices, shapes, materials, and durability. To get the best for your needs, do your research right because you don’t want to be stuck with a soft mattress and a soft mattress topper. You can get a latex foam topper, a thick wool topper or a tight mattress pad.

Check if the mattress’ layers are replaceable

Some mattresses allow you to swap out components easily and this could save you more money than getting a new one so check to see if yours allows it.


We all want to feel comfortable in our beds after a long day of ups and downs. However, sometimes the softness or the firmness of our mattresses do not feel comfortable enough to offer a good sleep.

Our financial situations might also not allow as to get a new mattress instantly. But luckily, there are cheaper tips that can see us getting a comfortable mattress and a good night sleep without straining our pockets too much. Try any of the tips above and hopefully you get the right firmness or softness for your needs.