Gaming was once considered to be a child’s pass time. While many still hold that notion and associate adult gamers with overgrown kids, the notion around gaming has changed considerably. It morphed from a child’s pass time to being a hobby, and is now respected as a passion and even a choice for profession. Those familiar with the world of gaming know how many career opportunities can be found in the field.

This proliferation of the industry has led to the creation of better games, and increased the number of people involved in gaming. Investing in equipment for gaming is something everyone recommends if you are an avid gamer. But there’s one area where many people don’t invest, which is the chair they use while gaming.

Types of Chairs Gamer’s Commonly Use:

Before we take a look at what kinds of chairs are best suited for gaming, let’s first understand what people use as makeshift or regular chairs for gaming.


What are the Different Types of Gaming Chairs used by Gamers?

Typically used by console gamers, this is a common pick for gamers. Since they are used to using their sofas to watch TV shows and movies, they use it for their gaming needs as well. It sure is comfortable, but it isn’t good for the long run. Besides, it’s horrible for the posture.

Garden Chairs

What are the Different Types of Gaming Chairs used by Gamers?

These are the next most commonly used chairs by gamers who don’t know how important a piece their chair is. Garden chairs are designed for leisurely use. This isn’t something that gamers need. They need something that maintains the comfort factor when they are on edge or playing a really intense game.

Bean Bags

What are the Different Types of Gaming Chairs used by Gamers?

Kids and teenagers are always fond of bean bags, and rightly so. They provide a comfort and relaxation that few other pieces of furniture can. But if you’re an adult, then a bean bag just won’t do; the simple reason being that bean bags just cannot accommodate full grown adults of all sizes.

However, if you are set on bean bags, we’ve actually found some good bean bag options for adults.

Investing in a Chair?

Yes, investing in a particular chair for your gaming is an important thing for you if you spend hours gaming each day. It makes a lot of sense to invest in this. For starters, the one thing that you should look for in a chair is comfort. Most people who are passionate about gaming have jobs that require them to work from home, and they spend the remaining hours gaming away.

This means that they have to literally spend their entire day sitting in a single place on the same chair. People who have such lifestyles tend to develop posture or back problems quite often. Ordinary chairs don’t offer support for areas like your neck or complete back, causing stiffness and resulting in exhaustion.

Now, while comfort is a big factor when using a chair for any purpose, there’s more to investing in a gaming chair. Gaming chairs are chairs designed specifically for gaming. This means they were created keeping in mind the needs of gamers.

These needs, apart from the improved comfort factor, involve enhancing the gamer’s gaming experience. You might be surprised to learn that there are gaming chairs that have built in speakers and woofers with surround sound that make you feel as if you are in the virtual world you are playing in. Well, they remove the boundary between that virtual reality and this physical reality, making the two as the single thing. You can hear everything your character hears, and you can feel the environment as your character feels it.

Best Gaming Chairs you can Use for Gaming

Now it’s time to see what kinds of chairs are worth investing in.

Gamer Rocker Chairs

When it comes to gaming, there isn’t a better class of chairs. Gamer rocker chairs offer comfort and longevity that simply cannot be matched by other kinds of chairs. They have good padding to provide the maximum comfort to the gamer, and have different features that set them apart from other gaming chairs.

For example, gamer rocker chairs offer a 4D gaming experience. Yes, with motors for vibration and speakers and subwoofers, you get plunged into the gaming reality and immerse yourself in your preferred world. These chairs come with adjustable arm and back rests and use different types of materials to suit the gamer’s needs.

xRocker Chairs

What are the Different Types of Gaming Chairs used by Gamers?

This range of Gamer Rocker Chairs is the best in the business. Xrocker chairs come in different forms, namely floor, pedestal mounted, or recliner. The names are self-explanatory as to the base of the chairs.

But all of them have features to give you a 4D gaming experience. Some chairs can also connect with other chairs. This takes the experience of multiplayer gaming with a friend to a whole different level. Also, some chairs can connect with some smartphones to allow gamers to receive calls and reply to text messages hands free. These chairs, in short, are a gamer’s dream.

PC Gaming Chairs

PC Gaming Chairs are designed to provide comfort to PC gamers. They come in all sizes and colors, and are sturdier yet more comfortable than most other chairs you would have used.

PC gaming chairs incorporate other nifty features like adjustable armrests, full spinal support, capacity to lean back quite far, and adjust the angle of the backrest of the chair to name a few. These are all things that help gamers stay comfortable and let themselves be engrossed by their game for long hours.

DXRacer Chairs

What are the Different Types of Gaming Chairs used by Gamers?


This line of PC gaming chairs is the best pick if you want a PC gaming chair. DXRacer chairs put everything that a gamer could want in their chair. The chairs are comfortable, durable, and help gamers spend hours gaming without feeling any discomfort or exhaustion due to sitting in a chair.

There is a wide range of DXRacer chairs, but almost all of them offer a higher back rest than usual chairs so that the gamer has full spinal support. The arm rests can be adjusted so that the gamer doesn’t feel stiffness on his or her elbows. The back rest, too, can be adjusted to suit the gamer’s particular preferred angle. What’s more, DXRacer chairs come in various sizes so as to accommodate gamers of all sizes.

Ergonomic Office Chair

Last but not the least, we have the ergonomic office chairs. These are chairs that are primarily used for office purposes but are good enough to fulfill your gaming needs as well.

Since office goers, or typically people who have to spend entire days sitting on the same chair, need that chair to be comfortable and not a pain in the ass (literally), they use chairs that are comfortable and durable. These chairs don’t offer a 4D experience and aren’t as adjustable as the PC gaming chairs, but they offer comfort and can be used for a long time.

Steelcase Leap Chair

What are the Different Types of Gaming Chairs used by Gamers?

When it comes to office chairs, then the Steelcase Leap chair is your best bet. First of all, the material used for the back rest and the arm rest is comfortable and not harsh on your body. Secondly, these chairs aren’t too heavy and can accommodate people of all sizes.

Most gamers who use these chairs prefer them because they have wheeled chairs in this segment which are just as comfortable. Although they are a bit expensive as compared to other gaming chairs, they can be an option for your gaming chair as well.

A gaming chair is an accessory that is more important for your gaming experience than you can possibly imagine. If you are passionate about gaming, spend hours each day gaming, and don’t think or believe that gaming can ever go from your life, then you should seriously consider investing in a good gaming chair. The features they offer will more than makeup for the money you spend on them.