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What are the Best Bean Bags in 2017?

Bean bags are the perfect chair for lounging in front of your TV to watch Netflix, to play games on, or just as a hang out spot for your kids. Bean bags are universally thought to be just for kids, but more and more adults are using “bigger” bean bags as a serious form of […]

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What is the Best Wireless Gaming Chair for Xbox 360?

The Xbox 360 is one of the most popular gaming consoles on the planet. Even with the release of newer consoles, it still boasts of some of the best features and games. If you just bought one, or have had it for a while now, you may consider complementing it with a gaming chair. Gaming […]

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What is the Best Gaming Chair for PS3?

The PlayStation 4 succeeded the PlayStation 3. However, some gamers out there are still using the PlayStation 3 as their console of choice. This is because most big gaming names are on this platform even when there is a bigger (and better) gaming console around. The games include racing games, role playing games, and arcade games. […]

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Top 5 Best Gaming Chairs for Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 has some of the biggest game names in the gaming industry. Even if it’s a bit old, you can still enjoy hours and hours of fun using this console. You have various games to pick from including role playing games (RPG), racing games, arcade games and much more. To enjoy the games […]

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What Is the Best Gaming Chair For Football?

When playing a great football game or even just watching it on the TV, you have to find a quality X Rocker chair that is not only comfortable but also really gets you into the game. There are five good options for you to check out when you’re aiming to have a comfortable X Rocker […]

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What Is the Best Swivel Gaming Chair?

A swivel gaming chair is an ideal item to have when you’re looking to enjoy a great game. A swivel chair allows you to move the seat around while the base is in its place. Depending on what you have, you could also have a chair that rocks back and forth. The key part of […]

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What Are the Best Vibrating Gaming Chairs?

X Rocker makes a number of vibrating gaming chairs. These are designed to get you a little closer into the game. Such a chair will respond to the sounds heard in the game and will generate appropriate vibrations depending on the intensity of those shakes. The fun that comes with such gaming chairs is certainly […]

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What Is the Best Gaming Chair For Racing?

A quality gaming chair for racing should be one that offers a design that is not only comfortable but also realistic. This is to get you into the game with a seated setup that can support a control scheme with a wheel and pedal system. The best gaming chair that you can use for racing […]

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Top 3 Pedestal Wireless Gaming Chairs

Having a good gaming chair is a good addition to the gaming experience no matter what device you are using (PlayStation, Xbox, PC and so on). However, all chairs are not created equal. In fact, chairs come with specific selling points among them sound and pedestals. On one hand, the sound quality is what differentiates […]

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What is the Best Collapsible Gaming Chair?

If one is in need of a chair that can magically get out of the way, they have various options that they can put to use. The advantage with foldable or collapsible chairs is that they save on space in the home. You can safely stash it away once done gaming. Besides that, it is […]

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