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How to Hack Overwatch at School or Work with VPN

Overwatch is fast becoming a very solid FPS hero game. Made by Blizzard, it exudes a large amount of polish with balanced mechanics. The game has ranked modes, casual modes, custom modes, and even special holiday event modes. It’s been a little more than a year after launch, and already, it’s released a good number […]

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What Type of Chair does Chu8 Use?

Chu8 is a popular streamer who loves to play Heroes of the Storm. In his past, he played Dota 1, HON, LoL, and Dota 2. He enjoys a wide variety of games, but seems to focus mostly on MOBA games in a competitive environment. He also claims that he plays Hello Kitty Online. Chu8 […]

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Arms vs Splatoon 2 - Which Should I Get?

Personally,  I’d recommend both, but for different reasons. Both games have their strengths. A lot of people are doomsaying Arms and its success. It’s not a top watched game on Switch, and it’s sales are slowing down. But just because it’s not a top watched game on Twitch doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a place. […]

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What is the Best Mouse for World of Warcraft?

In World of Warcraft, you control a character with an advanced number of abilities. Sure, over time, Blizzard has “dumbed down” or simplified classes compared to the bloated actionbars of Mists of Pandaria, but even now, there are much more abilities used in WoW than games like League of Legends. You have defensive abilities, offensive […]

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How to Pick a Good Domain Name for a Gaming Blog

If you want to start a gaming blog, you’ve come to the right place. As someone who has made successful gaming blogs in the past (I once owned a satire gaming blog), as well as written for some successful gaming blogs (I use to write for some Blizzard fan sites), I feel like I have […]

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What is the Best Computer Desk for Gaming?

If you’re a gamer like me, you need a good desk. But, everyone has a different budget and different needs. Are you a 1-monitor kind of guy, or a triple monitor kind of guy. Do you want to go all out with “gaming style” or want something more minimalist or perhaps even traditional. In this […]

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Will Late 2017 Bring Back Multiplayer Gaming?

2017 has had a great start. We’ve seen some amazing console exclusives (and console releases) with games like Breath of the Wild, and on the Playstation 4, we’ve seen classics like Horizon:Zero Dawn and Nioh. Even in late 2016, the party started getting started with Final fantasy XV and The Last Guardian. Other games like […]

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Why Do People Still Play Old Games like Runescape?

Runescape released January 4, 2001, and in 2017, nearly 16 years later, the game is still thriving. Sometimes it sits in the top 20 games played and watched on and the Runescape subreddit usually sits around 2k active users. For a 16 year old game, that’s quite impressive. Sure other games like World of […]

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8 Things a Moba Has to do to Stand Above the Competition

When League of Legends entered the gaming scene around 2009 and 2010, a lot of new players were entering the “Moba” world for the first time, even if older games like HON, and the original itself, a Warcraft 3 custom game mode “Defense of the Ancients” were before it. At this time, already, we saw […]

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Best Racing/Driving/Simulation Games for Xbox One

When the Xbox One came out, Microsoft lived up to the hype it had built going to the release of the console. Many users agree that it is their gaming console of choice hands down. Some of the biggest names in the gaming world can now work with the Xbox One. Even those that had […]

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