Herman Miller Chairs can be found everywhere on craigslist and even in warehouses that re-sell used chairs from offices that have shut down. Most of these chairs vary in quality, but they also vary on edition and age.

You can find first generation Herman Miller Aeron chairs for around $200-300, but you can also find newer chairs for $400 plus. I often see people recommending others to buy used Aeron chairs since they are

The bad thing is that it can be hard to tell if you’re getting the right chair. I wouldn’t recommend the older generation of Aeron chairs since they are quite old now in terms of design (the lumbar back support literally feels like a brick on your back), but also their use (you don’t want to get a chair that will need a replacement CO2 canister or new mesh upholstery), and it can be tricky understanding which size to get.

Aeron chairs come in three sizes from small to large–that being, A, B, and C being the largest.

So is it worth buying a new  Herman Miller Aeron or not?

Is It Worth It to Buy a Brand New Herman Miller Aeron?

Yes, I think it is, for a number of reasons.

When you buy a brand new Herman Miller chair, you have a few advantages that you wouldn’t otherwise be getting a used chair.

For one, you get a 10-year warranty on the chair which means that if any part breaks, you get the excellent customer service from Herman Miller. This could mean that overall, you will get more guaranteed value from your chair since it’s a safer purchase.

Secondly, if you buy a new Herman Miller Aeron,  it’s much more likely that you get a chair without any broken parts. The chair you get will be brand new, and the experience will be better with that “brand new feel” that you won’t get from a used chair.

I purchased a used Herman Miller Aeron chair from this guy on craigslist–making sure to get one that was size C, but at the time, I didn’t realize that it was the older model. The new model and old model are hard to tell apart if you’re not an ergonomic chair expert. I found that my chair–used and as old as it was, smelled funny, and wasn’t too comfortable. The mesh seemed less firm, and it seemed like it had given way over time. 

The main differences between the various versions of the Aeron reside in the back support, and even though the older model is similar, I think the newer models with the new and improved lumbar support design are better chairs altogether.

Is It Worth It to Buy a Brand New Herman Miller Aeron?