I’m a big fan of the Steelcase Leap. It’s been my main chair for years. I first started out with a used Steelcase V1 and then migrated to a brand new Steelcase Leap V2 just recently this year. I covered both chairs in my Steelcase Leap Review. So is it worth it to buy a brand new or used Steelcase Leap V2?

That depends on your budget. I would wager that a $200-400 used Steelcase Leap V2 is miles better than most brand new chairs on the market. However, when you buy a used chair, there is a certain “feel” to the chair that is different from a brand new one.

New Chairs Smell Amazing

Is it worth buying Steelcase Leap V2 Used?

One reason I love Steelcase Leap chairs is that they are a marvel of design and manufacturing. When you pull a brand new chair out of the box, it has a “smell” to it, with plastic wrapping and the cloth is spotless. For the most part, if you take care of the chair and don’t spill coffee on it, it’ll stay like this for awhile.Thousands and thousands of hours!

However, if you buy a used chair, it certainly won’t have these qualities about it. The reason is that these chairs are built and sold to offices and a majority of the time if you are buying a used Steelcase Leap V2 chances are it was used in an office at work, or transferred home for someone to work in their own office. Someone’s ass has been sitting in that chair, for awhile.

For example, I bought my Steelcase Leap V1 sometime in 2015, and by then, the chair was already more than 14 years old! Had I known this (and looked at the label) I wouldn’t have bought the chair. But it was fairly clean, and the mechanics of the parts all worked fine. The fabric was a bit worn and scratchy after so much use, but it was perfectly capable as a piece of technology. At the end of the day, ergonomic office chairs are just that–reliable technology with moving parts that don’t really wear down that easily.

Worth it to buy Steelcase Used?

It just depends if you want new fabric or not. I would wager that it is certainly worth it to buy a used Steelcase Leap V2 since the experience will be fine. However, I would also wager that it’s just as worth it to save up and buy a new one. The reason being is that your new chair will last you for some 10+ years. If you buy a used one, like I did, sooner or later you’ll want a “new chair” since you never had that experience before.

But when you buy new, you know what has happened to the chair, and it feels more like a good investment instead of a bargain type deal.  

Is it worth buying Steelcase Leap V2 Used?