Internet blogging is something that many types of people indulge in. Be it one who likes to write, or one who wishes to share their knowledge with others to help them, or those that wish to setup a service; many types of people can avail the use of blogging. Moreover, all businesses need blogs or their own website in today’s world. It doesn’t matter whether your business isn’t based on the internet.

Getting a blog up and running is neither difficult nor time consuming. But you need to do some research before you go about setting up your blog. We will tell you about the main issue related to blogging: whether to go with WordPress hosting or Bluehost hosting.

What is WordPress

It’s surprising that with the amount of popularity WordPress has amassed, people are still confused about its different services and names. The first thing you need to know is that WordPress is essentially a software. This free software does little more than (but enough in itself) manage as well as publish a website or blog information. When you have a blog, it almost certainly runs on WordPress.

Now, WordPress is only a software. To run it, you need a server. A server is nothing but a computer connected to the internet and is responsible for things like storing files, managing email accounts, or sharing web pages. A server needs some special software to do this, and WordPress is that special software when it comes to blogging.

WordPress Hosting

Using a server to run someone’s website or blog is called web hosting. An ordinary blogger or someone looking to have a website for their business will rarely know all about server hardware, internet connections, configurations, etc. which are required for this. Therefore, we use hosting services. When you operate a blog, you use a hosting service. Now, there are many hosting services that you may choose. WordPress hosting is one such example.

WordPress hosting can be used via This website hosts your blog on its servers for free. Just because it is free doesn’t mean it is no good. On the contrary, it is quite efficient, easy to use, easy to setup, secure, and reliable. You don’t even have to bother updating it yourself. However, there are a few restrictions imposed on what you can and cannot do on your blog. For instance, you have a limited set of themes to choose from, you cannot advertise at all, and you cannot add any sort of plugins. This is a downside to using an otherwise remarkable service for first time users.

Bluehost Hosting

The fact that you need a hosting service was made clear in the section above. WordPress hosting is a great option for first-time bloggers, but if you wish to have complete control over your blog, then it’s better to look for other services. The name that tops that list is Bluehost.

Bluehost is the most popular web hosting service for bloggers or website owners out there. It has all the features and benefits of WordPress hosting barring its drawbacks. It is quite simple to setup and use. You can easily setup WordPress (the software) on Bluehost yourself. It offers you complete control over your blog, and only charges you for the server it is lending you.

Shared vs Dedicated Hosting

You can either opt for a shared server or a dedicated server. A shared server is one that is shared by other bloggers or website owners. The upside is that the total cost of the server is split between all the users. The downside is that the uptime is split as well. This can cause problems especially when the traffic is heavy on more than one users’ end of the server. Dedicated servers, on the other hand, don’t have that problem. But you have to bear the entire cost, and it’s not something that most bloggers or website owners do.


Bluehost only charges you for the server it provides. This subscription cannot be made for a monthly basis, though. You have to pay for a minimum of one year up front. Paying for up to three years is an option as well. It saves you some money as well, since you are subscribing for a longer period. It roughly comes out at $4 per month. This amount isn’t going to make a huge hole in your pocket.

But Aren’t WordPress and Bluehost different?

For those still confused, here’s some more clarification. WordPress is a software. You need to run it on a server. This server is provided by a host. If you have the server, you are the host. If you don’t, you use someone else’s server. Bluehost is a hosting service which gives you its server. That server runs WordPress. is a hosting service, too, with its own pros and cons.

But there’s another service to add some confusion. is the main hosting service up for offer. This is the WordPress hosting you must have heard about. The coming of has muddied things a bit, but it’s not too complicated. is a hosting service that does not have any of the restrictions of It is the service that is older and more popular, and is more beneficial for websites since it gives them total control. However, it requires that you have your own server, so you pay for your own hosting. That is not only difficult monetarily, but technologically as well.

With all the clarifications made, it is safe to say that Bluehost hosting is the ideal thing for your blog. It gives you freedom, ease of use, and satisfaction for a nominal cost.

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