If you were like me a year ago, you want to dive into the world of Nespresso since you love Espresso. My espresso addiction started off at Starbucks with iced caramel lattes. Tired of spending 4-5 bucks every day and driving to the store only to wait in line for 20 minutes, I decided I should start making my own. That’s when my journey into Nespresso machines and capsules started. The only thing is, it took me awhile to find which Nespresso flavor tastes like Starbucks.

(Disclosure: After buying a Nespresso machine I was curious about other methods and their effectiveness. I did start out with a mini metal espresso maker thing (called a Moka pot), but the result was very watery.)

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Nespresso has a TON of capsules sold through their website and conveniently on Amazon (or even their store IRL–but watch out, last time I went there the espresso ladies, there were like used car salesperson). However, having so many capsules makes it hard to choose which to use.

Sure you could get a variety pack here (or all of the flavors here) if you want, but if you’re like me, you’ll feel like you wasted some money with capsules that you don’t like at all–that taste nothing like Starbuck’s coffee. However, if you are flexible or want something different, when it comes to coffee, stop now, and buy one of those packs. You might find you like the variety!

But to me, some of the capsules just aren’t that good (depending on what you like of course). Some just don’t taste like the kind of coffee I’ve grown to like. That’s why I’ve created this guide, to make it easy for you to pick which Nespresso capsules to buy–more specifically which Nespresso flavor tastes like Starbuck’s coffee.

(Note: If you don’t have a Nespresso machine yet, and want to make iced lattes or just plain espresso shots I’d recommend this machine. If you want a milk foamer or hot coffee, check out this machine.)

Which Nespresso Flavor Tastes Like Starbucks Coffee?

Nespresso Flavors
Capriccio Strong taste, but middle bitterness. Intensity 5. Buy on Amazon

Fortissio Lungo

High to mid range bitterness, fairly dark Buy on Amazon
Vivalto Lungo Roasted light taste with floral notes. Intensity 4. Buy on Amazon
Arpeggio Creamer and sweet but intense aftertaste.  Buy on Amazon
Decaffeinato Intenso Dark taste and full-bodied. Intensity 7. Buy on Amazon


Roasted caramelized note. Intensity 6. Buy on Amazon
Volluto Sweet and light. Intensity 4. Buy on Amazon
Cosi Light espresso with some citrus notes. Intensity 3 Buy on Amazon
Roma Similar to Ristretto but smoother–good for beginners. Intensity 8 Buy on Amazon
Ristretto Dark bitter bold taste. Classic espresso taste! Intensity 10 Buy on Amazon
Caramelito Caramel roasted taste. Intensity 6.  Buy on Amazon


Which Nespresso Flavor Tastes Like Starbucks?

As you can see from this chart, there’s a lot of variety between taste and intensity. I’ve tried ALL of the flavors, and my favorite is Roma! Roma is the most classic tasting of these espressos and the closest match to what you would taste if you went to Starbucks for a normal latte. It’s tastes like toasted chocolate with a toasty finish that tastes great with caramel syrup. My normal iced latte is two pods of Roma, an equal amount of milk, some ice, and one pump of caramel syrup (Starbucks uses a bit too much syrup).

Arpeggio while not my favorite, is another popular flavor of Nespresso which you might want to try if you want a different taste. Arpeggio is more Mediterranean tasting with a more distinct flavor that has a more complex aftertaste (not as smooth or roasty). It’s quite good, however, and if I have to drink Arpeggio I don’t notice too much difference. I would describe Arpeggio as sweeter than Roma and Roma as darker.

So what are you waiting for? Stop wasting money at Starbucks and go out and get some Nespresso pods!