Finding a good office chair as a tall person can be a challenging task. Believe me, I know, I’m 6’3”. Sometimes sitting in the wrong sized chairs can feel like a fact of life, whether it’s uncomfortable in cafes with chairs that hit the wrong part of my back, or sitting inside a cramped airplane with my knees being squished.

However, that doesn’t mean that sitting in a wrong-sized chair at home has to be the case. In this small article, I’m going to give you a suggestion on a chair that is perfect for tall people who want a chair that supports their head.

Best chairs for Tall Men that Need Neck Support?

So what is the best chair with a good neck support? Sure there are chairs out there like the Herman Miller Aeron and Steelcase Leap that will perform well, and you might have heard of these excellent chairs. However, these chairs are quite expensive, and the bad part is that they don’t even come with head support.

You have to purchase these neck rests as an additional add-on which usually costs more than $100. The total cost of getting one of these chairs with a headrest would come out to be around $1200, which–while worth it in a lot of ways, since these chairs can last over 15 years (I got my Steelcase Leap in 2001 and am still using it in 2017) is too expensive for most people on a budget. So, let’s dial it down a little bit.

That’s where the Ergohuman chair comes into play. The Ergohuman comes with a headrest and is only $624. You might be thinking that’s still a lot of money, but the fact of the matter is that you will not find a better chair for tall men with head support below this price. This price is very good. We reviewed the Ergohuman chair in depth in the Ergohuman review, but for now, we’ll give you just the basics.

Ergohuman Best Chair for Tall Men?

What is the Best Office Chair for Tall Men that Will Support their Head?

Why is the Ergohuman such a good chair for tall men? Well, the reason is that the chair is very adjustable. You can adjust the lower part of the back, the higher part of the back, and you can even adjust the neck support. Additionally, you can alter the seat depth and adjust the arms as well. Finally, you can also lean back in the chair since it has a unique tilting mechanism that doesn’t make the bottom seat panel right up under the knees.

What is the Best Office Chair for Tall Men that Will Support their Head?

The Ergohuman has a unique back design

A unique part about this chair, however, is how the back works. I mentioned already that it can be adjusted in two parts, but you have to see the back part of the chair to understand how it works. The back consists of two parts that are attached to a steel bar. Both of these parts can be moved up or down on the rails system. So whether you are very tall, or just a normal size, the Ergohuman works perfectly.

What is the Best Office Chair for Tall Men that Will Support their Head?