1.2 billion people play video games around the world. More than half of you gamers are playing on a PC. The only thing more important than your skills with the keyboard is your comfort. A wide variety of gaming chairs currently swamp the market at different price points. Some cost $50-70 while others can cost as much as $900+.

But most gamers are on a budget. Below, we’ve reviewed and listed what we think are the best, most comfortable, and durable gaming chairs available for LESS than $300.

$300 for a chair is a good price point for many of you since it’s not super expensive, but it’s a good investment of money which means you will get a quality product. However, as with our guides, we don’t want you to just get a “decent” chair for $300, we want you to get the best chair!

As a general rule, it’s good to note that spending more on a chair will lead to, simply, a better chair.

#1 DXRacer Formula Series 

What is the Best Gaming Chair for Under $300?

The DXRacer brand is familiar to those who frequently watch eSports. The affordable Formula Series is insanely comfortable for long gaming periods. This ergonomic, racer style chair has great neck support and adjustable armrests.

The mesh and PU material lets you breathe and molds to your body for enhanced comfortability. The foam cushion seating also promises long-term comfort.

Compared to other, similarly priced chairs, the Formula Series has a lower back and neck pillow that makes it a must-buy for gamers with back problems. It also comes with a lever to adjust the lean and tilt of the chair.

Easy to assemble and cheap. The DXRacer Formula Series is a great gaming chair. Keep in mind that this chair is usually for lighter shorter individual chairs. If you are a bigger person, check out this guide instead. 

What is the Best Gaming Chair for Under $300?

#2 HON VL702 

What is the Best Gaming Chair for Under $300?

In the less than $250 price range, the HON VL702 is a great buy. The double layer fabric seat cushion is extremely comfortable and the higher than normal mesh back provides great support during multiple gaming binges.

The HON VL702 is also an extremely light chair, allowing for quick and easy movement. It supports people of a large range of heights and weights.

Also, unlike leather or other similarly priced chairs, the VL702 is durable. The back will not warp and refuses to show signs of use. If your chair does happen to break down, it comes with a 5 year warranty!

What is the Best Gaming Chair for Under $300?


What is the Best Gaming Chair for Under $300?

The Hon brand shows up again with another sturdy and light chair. The basyx has more padding than most chairs and a very nice, breathable mesh backing.

For those with chronic back pain, this is a solid option. The entire structure is reinforced and optimized for leg and hip comfort. The height adjustment also has a nice range for people of all sizes.

There is a black leather option that looks a bit more professional in an office setting. But if you’re a gamer, the fabric is more flexible as well as cheaper.

The only major negative to this chair is the tilt cannot be locked in, unlike the VL702.

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What is the Best Gaming Chair for Under $300?

#4 Furmax Gaming Chair 

What is the Best Gaming Chair for Under $300?

At $89, the cheapest chair on our list is this Furmax Racing Style chair. It has a 360 swivel and ergonomic design that lets you tilt in any direction that makes you feel stable.

The bucket seat and high headrest makes your gaming experience both immersive and comfortable. One of its key features is movable armrests, allowing for maximum customization.

If you don’t like the slick blue design, a red/black or black/red option is available for 6 or 10 dollars more.

The biggest drawback with this model is that the headrest may not support those who are over 5’ 7”.  Thankfully, the producer offers a 30-day money back guarantee for any quality issues.

What is the Best Gaming Chair for Under $300?

#5 Essentials Racing Gaming Chair

What is the Best Gaming Chair for Under $300?

The last chair on our list is one with another ergonomic design. The Essentials Racing Style chair has contoured segments in its backing to provide maximum support for hours of gaming.

The leather seat is comfortable each armrest is fully adjustable. The chair is great for all ages and comes with a 3-Year limited warranty.

The big cons to the chair are that the leather seating will show wear and tear quicker than other chairs on this list and is a little harder to assemble.

What is the Best Gaming Chair for Under $300?

#6 Alera Chair

What is the Best Gaming Chair for Under $300?

If you want a budget ergonomic gaming chair, the Alera chair is one of the best options out there. The chair has more functionality than most chairs in the price prange, and it’s a great practical gaming chair that supports a variety of different weight and height profiles since its very adjustable.

The Alera chair has a multifunction mechanism that lets you tilt, lock positions, adjustable arms, and the seat even has a waterfall edge that reduces pressure on your legs. It even has a mesh back to keep you cool. Basically, a lot of people call this the poor man’s Aeron, and I find that to be mostly true.

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What is the Best Gaming Chair for Under $300?


No matter what kind of chair you’re looking for or how much money you have to spend, there’s a good option for you!

If you also need a comfortable chair for the office, check out our ultimate office chair guide.