Having a good gaming chair is a good addition to the gaming experience no matter what device you are using (PlayStation, Xbox, PC and so on). However, all chairs are not created equal. In fact, chairs come with specific selling points among them sound and pedestals.

On one hand, the sound quality is what differentiates a cheap chair from a quality one. Besides that, you can pick between sounds that go with vibrators and motors to mimic the sound or plain sounds.

Another aspect about sound is whether you need it with wires or wirelessly using Bluetooth and other wireless technologies. Then there is the pedestal which affords the gamer great viewing angles in a game.

If you want the best of everything and go for wireless speakers with a pedestal, then the three chairs discussed below will do you justice. They may cost a few dollars but worth your sweat.

#1 X Rocker 51396

Top 3 Pedestal Wireless Gaming Chairs

If you are a gamer with some experience, you know that X Rocker chairs are among the very best. This chair combines several features with a mid-range price that makes it a great choice for anyone bent on having a good gaming chair with wireless speakers and a solid pedestal.

The first great aspect about the 51396 is the sound quality. It gives an immersive surround sound experience owing to the great quality of its speakers and subwoofers. The speakers are equipped with 2.1 AFM technology which is responsible for great quality sound in high end sound systems. The wireless speakers can be connected with ease using its RCA stereo outputs. While there are wires bundled into the seat for audio input, choosing the wireless option does a lot of good for the whole gaming experience.

The other point to note with this chair is its pedestal. Gamers have grown fond of the gaming chairs that come with pedestals for various reasons. The main one, however, has been that using a pedestal gives you a better viewing angle when playing a game. You gain a bird’s eye view of what is going on in your game with increased accuracy in your shots and driving experience. You can’t get that with a chair without a pedestal unless you put your monitor on the ground as well.

Lastly, this chair is great as far as the price is concerned. With a premium finish that boasts of everything a gaming chair can offer, you only need to part with $228 to own the chair. That is a mid-range price given that chairs can go up as much as double that price but with mildly superior quality of features to what this one offers.

#2 X Rocker 5125401

Top 3 Pedestal Wireless Gaming Chairs

Another X Rocker that offers premium features but at a discounted price is the 5125401. It packs exactly what one would want out of a gaming chair and much more. Besides the stable pedestal and wireless sound system, the chair spots one of the most ambitious looks anyone can have in a gaming chair. It has borrowed the menacing look of a racing car with the colors and cutouts standing out from its physique.

The sound system that comes with the chair is one of the best any chair can boast of. It is the same surround sound system that wraps the player in the sound of the game for a realistic gaming expeditions. Even better is the fact that you can easily pair up the chair and the console for great sound without any lag. It is of great importance to have an easy way to connect the two items for ease of use.

The chair also has a pedestal for the best gaming angles in any game. While chairs without pedestals are good, having a pedestal has a way of increasing the performance and control in a game more than anything else. The pedestal allows the gamer to quickly shift positions when gaming without disorienting the gaming experience. The pedestal on this chair is a particularly strong and beautiful one for the best gaming experience.

As for the price, the chair only sets the gamer back by a measly $217. The price is still mid-range and thus can be afforded by a large number of people. The sporty look of the chair is one few people can afford to ignore. The chair has done exactly what performance cars are known for. For a start, it looks ambitious and kind of menacing. Also, it manages to pack lots of features in a very small frame.

#3 X Rocker 5129101

Top 3 Pedestal Wireless Gaming Chairs

The engineers at X Rocker keep pulling rabbits out of their hats and each time it is an awesome rabbit. The X Rocker 5129101 is another chair that packs sound, features and attractiveness of price for the best combination. It does away with the beefiness noted in other gaming chairs to give the user a stripped down design philosophy while including all the features one can think of.

Of course, the sound system works wirelessly with a gaming console that you pick on. The best part about the sound system for this chair is that, instead of two, one gets four high quality speakers each one with an inbuilt subwoofer for the ultimate surround sound experience. Connecting to a gaming console of your choice is a breeze with the resultant sound not having any lag or incidences of dropping out.

It would be unfair not mentioning the quality of the pedestal on this chair. Rather than the continuous disc shape found on other chairs, this one has five tentacles spreading out from the base in all directions. Each arm ends in a wide spread for extra stability (so that you don’t fall off when negotiating a corner in Need for Speed). The pedestal also swivels around to offer you the best angle to shoot a zombie from a distance without missing and alerting it.

To cap off the great features is a price like no other. It is but the only gaming chair we would recommend below $200 but with the features to go with it. The gaming chair costs but $190 which will offer great savings for a chair that leaves nothing to chance. For that price, you can save enough to buy your latest type of game you wish to try out the chair on.


All the three chairs mentioned here offer three main aspects to make them the best in the group. First on the list is the sound quality. Each of these chairs comes with quality speakers that offer surround sound experience to provide the most realistic gaming time possible.

Each of the chairs also offers a pedestal that allows for various viewing angles in any given gaming situation. If you thought pedestals on gaming chairs are overrated, try playing a game against an opponent who is seated on a chair with a pedestal when yours does not have it.

Lastly, the chairs trump the others in the price department. They all come from a company that focuses on delivering quality above everything else. No corners are cut with these chairs and their price points are the best you can get in the market at the moment.