Many people ask about the role being served by gaming chairs. Why not just sit on the couch and start the game? Or just pull up any chair and hit the gaming pad? The truth is that, while you can still do that with your home couch, gaming chairs add the following benefits to the gaming experience.

Chair Guides:

Provide Back Support for Long Gaming Sessions

If you like gaming for long periods of time, you might have noticed that you easily get fatigued when using your couch or other chair. Gaming chairs are built to provide the best seating experience with lower back support, support for the head and the arms which other chairs lack.

Cool Style

Unlike the couch or dining chairs, a gaming chair is designed to match the style of the gaming experience. The features are positioned exactly where one would them to be for a unique design. Being for special purposes, the chairs are designed to look the part. X Rocker even has chairs whose design has been inspired by Spider-Man and racing cars.

Some Have Speaker Setups

Most gaming chairs come with either two or four speakers built right into the chair. This aspect ensures that you get surround sound when you are gaming. While a set of speakers can still give you the surround sound, having them around you achieves a better surround sound effect. Keep in mind that you can connect the speakers wirelessly to the chair.

Great for Streaming / Branding Yourself as a Gamer

If you are truly a gamer, there are some things that simply set you apart from the crowd. There is the casual gamer whose gaming area has a gaming pad or two and a chair that was initially bought for reading or office work. However, a true gamer goes all the way to set themselves apart. That includes having the gaming extras such as gaming chairs and racing wheels.

Great for Reclining and Watching movies or TV

The gaming chair is not just for gaming. You can do many different things with it once done gaming. For example, you can use most chairs for relaxing. This truth is that gaming chairs are more comfortable compared to your couch or office chair. You can catch forty winks as you celebrate the victory over the giant boss.

Besides that, you can use it to watch TV or movies with it. You can connect the TV to the chair for great sound while enjoying your Netflix or other source of entertainment. Even without the screen before you, you can plug in your favorite tunes, sit back and enjoy the lovely sound from the game. Grab a book and let Agatha Christie be accompanied by some John Legend.


Gaming chairs are made for various purposes including being kept away. Say you have limited space in the home and every once and again you need to sit down and enjoy your favorite episode of Mortal Kombat.

With your couch, you will need your son (or wife) to help you pull it closer to the TV before you can play your game. It is even more difficult having to carry the couch back to its location. To remove that difficulty, simply get a gaming chair that you can fold away once gaming is over. You can simply unfold it and hit the game running.

All these features can only be found in gaming chairs. Keep in mind that a quality gaming chair can be found for much less than what you pay for your couch. Combine with the speakers and other benefits and a gaming chair deserves its place in your living room.