Yesterday I wrote an article about the best Amazon Echo devices, and it got me thinking more about all sorts of smart home devices–not just those compatible with Amazon’s Echo. Getting a smart home set up with devices can be an intimidating start since there are so many options and choices as well as categories alone.

However, it doesn’t have to be complicated and setting up the devices themselves is very intuitive and user-friendly by nature (these devices are made to make managing your home easier!). To get you more excited about setting up your smart home with smart devices and good products, I’ve handpicked some of the best products I can find.

As a smart home enthusiast myself, I understand the importance of spending your money carefully and not wasting it on products that might make your smart home creation more of a hassle than it needs to be. Without further ado here are the best smart home devices:

Best Smart home devices

Best Smart Thermostat

What are the Best Smart Home Devices?

If you want the most innovative smart thermostat, you need to check out the Ecobee3. Unlike some other competitor smart home thermostats, Ecobee3 can monitor temperatures in other rooms and people through remote sensing. This gives you incredible control over your house and it’s temperature giving only individual rooms cooling saving you tons of money on your energy bill!

Best Smart Light Bulbs

Philips Starter Kit
What are the Best Smart Home Devices?

There are more and more smart light bulbs every day but a lot of them aren’t compatible with other smart home controllers. However, you can be sure the Philips Hue light bulbs work with Alexa and Homekit for iPhone letting you control your lights with either Alexa or Siri. These lights let you set your lighting to either “warm” or “cool.”

Best Smart Speaker

Amazon Echo
What are the Best Smart Home Devices?

If you haven’t seen our Amazon Echo review here or the cool devices that work with it, you might not know how much you are missing out. Not only is Amazon Echo is the best smart speaker around, but it’s also an integral part of any serious, smart homeowner who loves to control devices with their voice.

Best Doorbell

Ring Wi-Fi Doorbell
What are the Best Smart Home Devices?

If you get a smart doorbell like this Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell, you can see your visitors at your house whether you’re in the bathroom or across down. You get live video alerts triggered by the doorbell or motion detection. This works almost like a security device since it also has built-in night vision.

Best Smart Coffee Machine

Mr. Coffee Wifi Enabled Coffee Machine
What are the Best Smart Home Devices?

While a smart coffee maker might not be at the top of the list for things you might have thought you’d want in a smart home, this smart Wi-Fi enabled Mr. Coffee machine has some nifty features. You can enable brew times, set up reminders, and the machine even lets you know when your coffee is ready with a notification to your phone. Wake up to a fresh coffee brewed hot every morning!

Best Smart Dog Feeder

Petnet SmartFeeder
What are the Best Smart Home Devices?

After your coffee makes itself, then your dog can also feed itself–or rather, the machine will. With this smart feeder, you can manage feeding times, portion sizes, and even have pet food delivered to your doorstep at specific intervals. The device has a 5-7 food capacity.

Best Smart Garage Opener

Chamberlain MYQ-G0201 Opener 
What are the Best Smart Home Devices?

This universal compatible smart garage opener lets you control your garage door anywhere with your smartphone. Have a family member that needs to get inside? This could be a life saver. With this smart garage opener, you can even get alerts and notifications on your phone when your garage door opens manually.

Best Smart Showerhead

Kohler Moxie Showerhead and Wireless Speaker
What are the Best Smart Home Devices?

This smart showerhead lets you listen to tunes synced to Bluetooth devices up to 32 feet away. It’s water resistant and easy to install with up to 7 hours of playtime. You can easy use a 2.0 gpm water-saving spray.

Best Smart Lock

Schlage Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt
What are the Best Smart Home Devices?

Don’t have your key? Well, you no longer need one with the Schlage Connect Deadlock. With this smart lock, you can unlock your door via the keypad or through your phone or web browser. This lock even includes alert modes that let you know when someone is coming through the house. The device even lets you have different codes with varying levels of access for guests or cleaners.

Best Smart Vaccum

iRobot Roomba 980 Vacuum Cleaning Robot


What are the Best Smart Home Devices?

Roombas are perhaps one of the first iterations of smart devices that we’ve seen enter homes. While this device is expensive, it has some powerful features and components that make it the best self-controlled vacuum to date.

The 980 can vacuum up to 120 minutes and automatically recharge itself. It’s powered by an AeroForce cleaning system with a carpet boost technology that gives some serious suction. Even standing behind the device, you can feel air blowing.

The design of the Roomba 980 is very sturdy, and the app that comes with the device lets you set schedules to clean the house, and see fun statistics and cleaning history.

Best All-In-One Security Device

Canary Security

What are the Best Smart Home Devices?

This list couldn’t be complete without a security camera, could it? Like the Roomba, security cameras have been around for awhile. But the Canary security device is perhaps the best iteration of the security camera that everyone can use and setup.

Not only that, but the Canary security device gives you even more security features that could be useful like the ability to monitor air quality, temperature, humidity, and other factors that could affect your home’s health.

The device comes equipped with a 1080p HD camera with a 147-degree wide-angle lens, night vision, and good audio quality. It has motion recording, a siren, the ability to auto-disarm and arm based on your presence, and instant access to local authorities.

One of the best things about this device is that it’s inconspicuous and doesn’t stand out or look like a security device. It almost looks like an air conditioner or something.