The University of California at Berkeley is one of the most prestigious universities in the Golden State. Home to the Los Alamos National Laboratory and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, the school is known for its strong focus on the sciences.

However, it is also a college that uses a strict firewall. The general firewall used by the college is designed to restrict the flow of potentially dangerous bits of information onto servers in the area. While this might sound sensible in terms of how it protects data, it is also a dangerous problem in that it keeps people from getting access to social media sites and games among other things.

However, you don’t have to worry about the difficult firewall out here. You can use TorGuard Stealth VPN to unblock sites that are censored at UC Berkeley among other college campuses. This will get the online world to be free for you once again.

How the TorGuard System Works

The TorGuard system works to bypass deep packet inspection or DPI firewalls. These include ones that are operated by UC Berkeley among other campuses.

You can subscribe to the TorGuard system and then get access to a variety of different server options. As you look for a server, the TorGuard service will help you to find a proper IP address that you can get online with. The encryption used by TorGuard ensures that your real IP address is fully encrypted and hidden.

As you are online, the IP you have will be projected as one outside of the UC Berkeley campus. As a result, it will give you proper access to all the things that you want to do online. It even gives you fast speeds that will keep you online and active for anything you want to do while online.

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An Effective Solution

This is ideal for your use when you want to get online to all your favorite games, social media sites and more while on campus. More importantly, it also removes the limits you have for your research purposes. It will be easier for you to reach any kind of database you want to use when on campus because your VPN will remove the restrictions that you normally have.

You can also use this on any kind of device you have. TorGuard works with a setup where you can get it installed onto your computer and your mobile device alike. It works with all major mobile and desktop platforms. You can also get it ready on a Tomato or DDWRT VPN router if you have one.

It’s all made with full 24/7 support. This allows you to get help for any problems you have with your connection in the event that you come across any concerns while using the system.

Using a TorGuard Stealth VPN can make the world of different for your general online connectivity needs. It is a necessity for all UC Berkeley students as it ensures that people will not be at risk of losing data.