Are  you looking for a cool gift to troll your friend?

Sometimes you just need a funny light-hearted gift to give someone that doesn’t take too much thought. But you also want it to be memorable, or just plain funny. That’s what these troll gifts are for! For that special someone who just needs to be trolled with the crappiest, smelliest, or weirdest gift imaginable. Read on fellow troll!

#1 Windex Case

8 Best Troll Gifts of 2016 You might be thinking, “why?”. And that’s the beauty of this strange yet necessary Windex Case. Imagine your friend’s face when they realize you just gave them an iPhone case that looks like a Windex bottle. Priceless.

#2 Pickle Lip Balm

8 Best Troll Gifts of 2016 This gift is perfect, but it requires a bit of creative license. Do you want to give this present as a stocking stuffer or in a small bag WITH or WITHOUT the label? The first method guarantees a little laugh, but if you want to troll properly, you’ll have to be creative with the second method.

If you put another chapstick label on it, and then camouflage it, it’ll be a perfect pickle surprise. Imagine your girlfriend trying to put on green apple and then putting on pickle lip balm and you get where I am going with this one.

#3 Liquid Ass

8 Best Troll Gifts of 2016 Liquid Ass is the perfect present to get or to use on your favorite friend, family member or annoying neighbor. This might be the only item on this list that you want for yourself but never want to USE on yourself. If you read the Amazon reviews, you’ll get a small idea of how bad this stuff smells.

I own a vial of Liquid ass and the first time I smelled it I almost threw up. Since then, I’ve just been waiting for the perfect moment to use it…

#4 Money Soap

8 Best Troll Gifts of 2016 This troll gift is perfect for taunting young kids or greedy family members and friends. Is it money, or is it soap? Or something awkwardly in between? This gift has the power to make your showers exciting, and it’s almost as enticing as the weener kleener.

#5 Weener Kleener

8 Best Troll Gifts of 2016 If you have a wiener or a friend that does, you might find this weener kleener particularly handy. You just slip it on, rub it back and forth, and your weener will be cleaner than ever before! Wonderfully convenient, yet deliciously awkward to open. Kleen that ween! 

P.S, this may or may not be suitable for shower sexy times.

#6 Donald Trump / Hilary Clinton Toilet Paper

8 Best Troll Gifts of 2016

If you have an annoying Facebook friend, who won’t shut up about the elections, or a favorite family member that just happens to be on the “wrong side” of this election, either one of these toilet paper rolls can do the trick.

8 Best Troll Gifts of 2016

There’s nothing better than wiping your ass with one of our potential yet controversial future presidents. Trump haters, take it a step further with this.

#7 Unzipped bag

8 Best Troll Gifts of 2016 This might not be the most ballzy pick to prank or troll someone, but it’s an interesting product worth a look. It’s a glass bowl that looks like a plastic bag!

It’s one of those things you put on your table filled with m&ms that makes people think. Also great for offices, or as a table weight. Watch in wonder as a plastic bag stays upright and holds down a blowing paper!

#8 Nice Underwear Mat

8 Best Troll Gifts of 2016 Get it? While not as trolley as some of the other items on this list, this is still a good “chuckle” item perfect to switch out your family’s or friends mat with.

Or get it for yourself and get a few laughs every time you can convince someone to come over to your house.