For many people, online Bitcoin wallets are the first and only type of Bitcoin wallet they use. However, online wallets can be vulnerable to attacks from hackers and do not offer any offline storage of cryptocurrency. However, for real security, it is strongly recommended to use more than one type of bitcoin wallet.

The reason to use more than one type of Bitcoin wallet is to protect against hackers and data loss. That way, if one wallet becomes compromised, Bitcoins can be recovered from another wallet, and if that wallet uses a different format, it won’t be vulnerable to the same issues. While there are other options out there such as paper and desktop, hardware wallets provide unique advantages regarding security and usability.

How to choose the right Bitcoin wallet:

What is the Top Rated Bitcoin Hardware Wallet?

KeepKey comes in a cute little box.

If you are looking for a hardware bitcoin wallet, you’ll discover that there just are not a lot of choices available. The three names that come up the most are Trezor, Ledger Nano S, and KeepKey. All three are reliable and offer good features, but we think KeepKey has some advantages over the other hardware bitcoin wallets for several reasons.

KeepKey is one the newest models of Bitcoin hardware wallets available. It has built upon the foundation laid down by earlier wallet hardware out there and has kept the advantages while improving upon their weaker points. One area that they have certainly improved upon is the design of the hardware itself.

It has a large and easy to read 3.12” inch screen with a resolution of 256×64 pixels. The KeepKey device is a sleek black box that feels heavier and sturdier than the other hardware wallets out there. It is somewhat large for putting in your pocket, but then again, it is not recommended to walk around with your bitcoin wallet hardware in the first place.

An additional feature of this wallet hardware is that KeepKey can store more than just Bitcoin, It also supports Namecoin, Dash, Litecoin Dogecoin and Testnet. This makes KeepKey a convenient choice if you have, or are planning to get, multiple forms of cryptocurrency.

Lastly, let’s not forget the key reasons for getting Bitcoin wallet hardware in the first place: security and backup. In those areas, KeepKey offers some effective solutions. For starters, KeepKey doesn’t use an operating system. This means that it cannot be broken into via the security bugs and vulnerabilities found on many types of operating systems.

KeepKey is unique in how it keeps your bitcoin backed up. It doesn’t technically store Bitcoin directly on the device; rather it makes Bitcoin accessible through an encrypted code system. This protects it against hackers and malware. It also allows you to recover and restore your bitcoin even in the event of hardware damage, of if you happen to lose the device itself.

Overall, KeepKey offers a unique Bitcoin hardware experience. Always remember to take all the necessary steps to secure your Bitcoin, even if you have external storage and backup solutions in place. Keep all passcodes, pins, and passwords, secured and regularly updated. And as always, make sure to do your research when working with any Bitcoin vendor, whether buying or selling.

Keepkey Alternatives:

What is the Top Rated Bitcoin Hardware Wallet? KeepKey$99
What is the Top Rated Bitcoin Hardware Wallet? Ledger Nano S$65-70
What is the Top Rated Bitcoin Hardware Wallet? Trezor$99