Playing games on a PC is very interesting. You get to tweak the game in more ways owing to having more resources on the PC compared to a gaming console. You don’t even need a gaming pad for the game as you can map the keyboard to suit your needs.However, if you are interested in setting up a racing wheel, we’ve collected some of the best racing wheels for PC here.

What are the Top 10 PC Racing Simulators?

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Racing games are among the most common games people play on their PC. Unlike in the past when PC racing games were crappy programs, they have been upgraded to even trounce their console variants.

There are many racing games one can consider when it comes to PC gaming. All the major names such as EA (Electronic Arts) have racing games for PCs and others. If you are looking for a game for your PC, you have many options to pick from. However, we will deal with 10 of the best racing games at the moment. Pick whatever suits you.

Forza Horizon 3

What are the Top 10 PC Racing Simulators?

For lovers of Forza racing games, it is a joy to know that Forza finally availed its games on the PC. The previous versions could not be played anywhere else but the Xbox. With Forza Horizon 3, you get a racing game that trounces all the others we played.

If your PC is powerful enough, you can enjoy the game in 4K at 60 fps. The game is in crystal clear quality and has no lag with enough RAM on your PC. It is also the best combination of simulation and arcade gaming all brought to your PC.

Set in a large Australian racing world, the game has great effects with damages to other cars (and your own) being breathtaking. It also works well for those who love taking on other drivers for a racing contest. It can be owned for just $39 from Amazon.


What are the Top 10 PC Racing Simulators?

This is the game you need to be playing if you require something serious. Attention is paid to every detail in the game up to the look of the steering wheel of the car. The rest of the game also looks very real to the delight of most gamers.

It is so serious that you will need to be practicing to better your gaming skills. As with most races in the world (most notably Formula 1), there are free practice sessions that are followed by rankings then the actual races. You can compete with lots of people to increase your rep and experience.

You also get to pay $50 each year from this game. In our opinion, it is totally worth it since you will have a game that will keep improving as you go by. Also, $50 is nothing compared to the endless hours of fun you will have with this game.

Dirt Rally

What are the Top 10 PC Racing Simulators?

Dirt Rally is a very impressive addition for your PC. In this game, Codemasters have done away with the arcade theme found in its other games. What is left is a mature racing game with near-realistic cars and graphics that will entice many gamers.

The underlying theme in this game is survival. Remember that it is about dirt racing. You have to be careful since the roads are slippery and other racers are always trying to knock you off the road.

It is no longer about speed like in other games. Rather, it is about staying careful and alert.

The best part about this game is the loyalty it commands among its players. There are those will have dedicated their time to including features into the game for the best experience. You can thus pick up changes to an issue you had before that will make the game even more interesting.

Project Cars

What are the Top 10 PC Racing Simulators?

Project Cars brings on board a UK setting with cars and tracks that will satisfy anyone in need of speed in a simulated environment. The game is one of the most liked names on the PC owing to the ease with which it can be tweaked and played.

The lovely thing about this game is that it has many features that eliminate the boredom in a racing game. First on the list are the cars. You can use the many LeMans cars on offer and experience their endurance and speed all day long. Also, if you love the power of the Formula 1 beasts, the game has enough of those on offer. You can also enjoy a kart which is way more fun than the others.

You can also pick various types of karts for your racing fun. The cars and karts are beautiful and a joy to drive around the race tracks. You can also enjoy the many English race tracks available in the game.

Shift 2

What are the Top 10 PC Racing Simulators?

Gamers love Shift 2 for the viewing angles it offers. While the other names on our list may be all about views from the hood or the driver’s seat, Shift 2 allows you to view from the side and other angles that promise to increase your competitive edge. For example, when you are negotiating a bend, your view shifts about outward so that you can have a better view of the bend without appearing to distort the gaming view.

The views are enhanced further in the way the car’s focus is varied to point out what the driver should be focusing on. If you are in a race and there is a car creeping up on you, your rearview and side mirrors become sharper than the rest of the view.

TrackMania 2: Canyon

What are the Top 10 PC Racing Simulators?

Most conventional racing games focus on the power of the cars and the beauty of the racetrack. This aspect gives little heed for the other aspects that racing can be about. For example, most games borrow the look of racetracks that actually exist. For TrackMania 2, however, the main focus is on the unique track.

The game offers a racing experience that is punctuated by a tricky racing track that may take a while knowing how to best others. Your two main issues are being the first one and staying on the track. You go too fast and you find yourself flying off the track. Too slow and you easily become the last guy in the competition. Your speed will also determine if you can jump far enough over canyons to continue the race. If you can master the corners and the jumps, you will do well in this game.

Driver: San Francisco

What are the Top 10 PC Racing Simulators?

For those who love American muscle cars, this is your game. It features some of the best selections of racing cars from the American muscle collection with loud engines to boot. The outstanding aspect about this game is the cool factor. Everything about it is swagged up for the best fun on your PC.

The setting is the 70’s, a time when America muscle ruled the roads and the competition was about who is cooler than the rest. You drive around San Francisco competing with other drivers and soaking in the sun and the beautiful scenery.

The best part about it is not even the fact that it’s set in a cool San Francisco scene. It is that you can switch cars even during a race. Say you have a car that is underperforming in a race and you want it switched with a more powerful one. That can be done with the flick of a button.

Race: Injection

What are the Top 10 PC Racing Simulators?

SimBin have always managed to wow its fans with simulation racing games as seen with the GTR series which had some of the most fun games to play. With Race: Injection, they have injected some adrenaline in their games with great results.

The cars and the races are based on the World Touring Car Cup as seen from its sedans and the familiar tracks. Controlling the cars is a marvel owing to a great balance of the laws of physics. So much it feels natural driving the cars.

Among the cars to pick from are open-wheel cars, endurance and even muscle cars to grace your track. They are all easy to control but the game as a whole offers a great challenge to the gamer. With this one, SimBin struck gold.

F1 2016

What are the Top 10 PC Racing Simulators?

There are car racers, then there are F1 racers. With most games about Formula 1 cars, it is simply about races and nothing much. However, Codemasters brought the whole element of life on a Formula 1 track with this 2016 variant. It brings to the table the life and the races in Formula 1.

It is a complete career racing game which offers much more than any other F1 game. If you are too slow to keep up with the pace, you will end up losing your car and progress (and starting a new). On the other hand, you can upgrade your scores to a point where you enjoy every aspect of the race.

Codemasters went so far to make this game a beauty. You can customize just about anything. From the racing helmets to the color of the cars to the racing tracks you choose, everything can be tweaked.

Assetto Corsa

What are the Top 10 PC Racing Simulators?

In creating this game, the programmers thought of finding an experience that was as real as it can get. The driving experience and the tracks feel as realistic as any game can be. The cars also heavily borrow their looks from the actual racing cars as much as possible.

The racing is what makes this game a great option. When going into bends, your competitors will often speed and lose control then you will see them in the rear view mirror as they try to catch up.

It doesn’t, however, mean that you will always pass them in bends as there are some who will definitely make better bends than you do. When racing, your opponents will often try to knock you off the road from the sides. If you are behind a car, it’ll often slow down to slow you down as you race. With time, you will learn how to beat them all.

Best PC Racing Simulator Conclusion

There are other good names to consider but these are what you should start with for the best results. If you are a fan of bikes, be sure to check out what the major gaming brands have in this regard.

Picking your game of choice may be a personal decision but there are a few standard aspects to consider. First of all, look at how real the game is. By reality it means how close the game is to what you expect of actual racing. Secondly, consider what the programmers added beyond the normal gaming. After that, look at the graphics of the game. You don’t want to be playing a game that looks like sand to begin with. Lastly, consider how long you will be playing the game. A game such as iRacing can be played forever while other names will eventually end.