Choosing an office chair can be a hugely important decision. If you’re like me, you know the pain of a stiff back, sore hips, and an aching rear. Fortunately, picking and using the right chair can alleviate many of these pains and frustrations.

However, if you want the best experience, you might have to spend a little extra to get premium comfort. The good thing is that the best expensive chairs last years and years so your expensive purchase will be worth it (some chairs like the Steelcase Leap can last more than ten years!).

Comparing an expensive ergonomic chair to an inexpensive task chair is like comparing a sleeping bag to a mattress. In this list of top office chairs, we’ve picked a good variety of expensive ergonomic chairs compared to budget task chairs to show you the comparable features.

Office Chairs Steelcase Leap Top Office Chairs Embody Top Office Chairs Ergohuman Chair Top Office Chairs HON Nulceus Top Office Chairs Alera Chair Top Office Chairs
Adjustable Tilt
with Back Tension
10 Year Warranty
5 Star Arm Rest Adjustability
Lumbar Support
Seat Depth
Use case 8+hours 8+hours 8+hours 5+ hours 3-4+ hours
Editor Rating Steelcase Leap Review Embody Review Ergohuman Chair Review HON Nucleus Review Alera Chair Review
Buy Now $942+ $1200+ $624 $430+ $155

With an ergonomic chair, you get a VAST array of features like adjustable lumbar support, adjustable seat depth, arm adjustments, and lower back support–whereas with a task chair you can really only make it go up or down.

My favorite thing about the Steelcase Leap is the back support. It just feels MADE for my back, in a way that many other chairs can’t replicate. In most other chairs, my back might feel sore after an hour or two, but with the Leap, I can go for 8+ hours or more getting much more work done. Task chairs often only come in one size as well, whereas ergonomic chairs often are so customizable that they can fit nearly anyone–whether you need it to be customized for your short or long legs or if you want arms to use or not.

If you want a bigger list of chairs and more detailed explanations of each chair check out the ultimate guide we wrote here:

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