The Xbox 360 has some of the biggest game names in the gaming industry. Even if it’s a bit old, you can still enjoy hours and hours of fun using this console. You have various games to pick from including role playing games (RPG), racing games, arcade games and much more.

To enjoy the games even more, one should consider investing in some extras such as a racing wheel and chair. With a quality chair for your Xbox 360, you can enjoy the game in ways you never imagined before.

We give you five of the best chairs to consider for your Xbox. Make your choice then let the fun commence.

X Rocker 51396

Top 5 Best Gaming Chairs for Xbox 360

Before much information, be aware of the little fact that most of the chairs we will be reviewing will be from X Rocker given that they are simply the best. For this chair, you only need about $250 to own it.

It comes with all the features you would desire in a gaming chair mainly the surround sound system which is made possible by the speakers on either side of the chair.

You also get a comfortable chair that will endure gaming abuse for ages without looking a day older. You can wirelessly connect your console to the sound system that comes with this chair. The pedestal bundled in this chair is also an added advantage for better views in the game.

X Rocker 5125401

Top 5 Best Gaming Chairs for Xbox 360

This chair will offer you better gaming experience and better looks for your gaming room. At just $217, it combines great features with great looks. If you’ve beheld a premium super car, then its familiar look will be observed in this chair. Besides the sporty look, you get a chair with comfort built into it.

The sound quality is another aspect we would praise in this chair. The inclusion of a pedestal completes the look of this chair in many ways. Besides offering better a sitting position and gaming angles, the pedestal makes the chair look more classic. When done with your Xbox games, be sure that the chair will be a head turner in the home.

X Rocker 5129101

Top 5 Best Gaming Chairs for Xbox 360

If the previous gaming chair tickled your fancy, then the much cheaper one ($205) can also be a good option. The good news is that this chair doubles up the number of speakers for an even deeper surround sound experience. Two speakers are just behind the head and the other two are at the base of the chair outside each leg.

The design is also a bit sporty in looks but more relaxed than its previous cousin. Comfort is also guaranteed with this chair especially with the padded base and back offering long playtime than others.

The pedestal is also present and the side panel providing a good opportunity to connect peripherals although you can also do that wirelessly. Generally, it is a chair any serious gamer would love.

X Rocker 51092

Top 5 Best Gaming Chairs for Xbox 360

No matter what game you choose to play, you will enjoy the company and comfort afforded by the X Rocker 51092. It comes with many great features that make it a compelling buy. It costs just $170 which is much lower than the other names on this list.

Even better is the fact that it features speakers that combine with vibrators to provide the gamer with sensations that make the game even more realistic. The design of the chair will remind my users of Spider-Man given the combination of the red color and the patterns on the chair.

The combination of the price and features make this chair a great buy for those intend on getting the most from a gaming chair but without the cash to splash on it.

X Rocker 51259

Top 5 Best Gaming Chairs for Xbox 360

For the same price as the previous chair, you get this one which comes without a pedestal but packs in more features. These features, in our opinion, more than make up for the lack of a pedestal to make this the ultimate chair for your Xbox 360.

First of all, the speakers are doubled from the normal 2 to four. Also, the inclusion of very accurate motors makes the chair a good companion in gaming.

You will receive all the sensations as intended by the manufacturer. In terms of comfort, it is simply the best even when close to the ground. To further make up for the lack of a pedestal, the bottom is a bit rounded to allow for some form of rocking.

Xbox 360 Compatible Chair Considerations

Before you get a chair for your Xbox 360 console, you need to put in mind a few aspects that will help you narrow down the list of the chairs that meet your needs. First of all is the price.

You can have gaming chairs for as low as $100 or even less. However, the lower the price the fewer the features and even the quality of the features availed. Most of the chairs stated in this list range between $250 and $150. This is a good price since it is met with similarly attractive features.

Besides that, there is the aspect of the quality of the chair. In this regard, paying more for the chair does not necessarily translate into better quality features. Look for a balance of features and the price for the best results.

Lastly, consider your own needs. For example, avoid buying a chair just because it has many features. You can make savings by ignoring some features such as the pedestal.

The last chair we reviewed, for example, lacks a pedestal but packs in more important features. If you don’t want a pedestal and are short on the cash, this chair will do you justice.

Simply put, assess what a chair offers and what you want then go for that. It is much better having a chair that costs little yet give you all you need than spending more money yet you use only a few features on it.