If you work 8 hours or 12 hours a day like me, you know the pains of sitting in a chair. Even if you have one of the best ergonomic chairs on the market (like me) you can still develop soreness in your hips, butt,  and back just from being so stationary.

Sure these pains will be drastically lessened by the quality of your chair, but even then, your body doesn’t like being in one position.

Even standing, your body will get tired at the knees, calves, feet, and lower back. So what is the best compromise? I wouldn’t suggest a standing desk, or even just a regular desk for the best ergonomics.

Instead, I would recommend a automatic standing desk that gives you the ability to stretch and stand while working, but with the ability to also lower the desk to rest your legs and sit. By moving between standing and sitting throughout the day, you can get the most efficient ratio of movement.

Why is Standing Good?

Well aside from standing too much, standing does have a lot of benefits. There have been numerous studies, like the one in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine that show that sitting more than 3 hours a day can increase mortality rates. Or perhaps, that sitting less can benefit your health and lead to a healthier life.

For example, perhaps people that sit more generally eat less healthy food, or move around at all! As with all studies, you need to take them with a grain of salt, but by standing and moving around more, you can loosen tight muscles and stretch out sore joints, so it makes sense that standing with a standing desk and resting your body with a chair would be the ideal.

#1 60” Electric Stand Up Desk

Top 3 Automatic Electronic Standing Desks 2017

If you want the best and most premium electronic standing desk option, consider this 60” inch desk.

This desk is unique since it comes with wheels which makes it very versatile in any office space whether you want to move it a lot or just want it to be easy to move into a stationary position with the provided locking brakes. It also comes in different colors with my favorite being the white oak top.

The desk is very sturdy and premium, as it is built with a heavy duty steel frame with a nice powder coat paint. The adjustable height is powered by an electric button that allows you to adjust to a sitting or standing position within 20 seconds with a range of 29.5″ – 45.25″H.

Top 3 Automatic Electronic Standing Desks 2017

#2 60″ ApexDesk VT60NWC-S Vortex Series

Top 3 Automatic Electronic Standing Desks 2017

The ApexDesk is a bit different than the previous option since it has a slightly different design. It has the same size, as it is still 60”, but the height adjustability is actually better ranging from a lower 29.5″ – 45.25″H.

The desk has industrial grade aluminum under frame, which might mean it’s slightly less turdy, but the desk is still quite sturdy. The top is scratch resistant, and the standard 2 button controller works well. This desk holds 5 stars on Amazon which is quite good. Users love the motor, leveling studs, easy assembly and spare parts.

Top 3 Automatic Electronic Standing Desks 2017

#3 30″ Ergo Elements

Top 3 Automatic Electronic Standing Desks 2017

Last on the list, and the cheapest, the Ergo Elements desk is a bargain by with all of the fundamental features. The desk is much smaller, at only 30”, but the electronics work just as well. Users like the desk with a few minor complaints like how the desk needs to “wake up” before rising up or down when you push the buttons. However, this seems to be an energy saving feature. Assembly seems easy, and motor functions are very smooth.

Top 3 Automatic Electronic Standing Desks 2017