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How Do WordPress Hosting and Bluehost Hosting for your Blog Differ?

Internet blogging is something that many types of people indulge in. Be it one who likes to write, or one who wishes to share their knowledge with others to help them, or those that wish to setup a service; many types of people can avail the use of blogging. Moreover, all businesses need blogs or […]

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How to use cPanel - An Exclusive Guide for Beginners

If you have decided to set up your own website, and it is your first time at that, you will definitely have a need of cPanel, at least at some point. cPanel is a very popular tool, and over 90% of hosts use it anyway. The only issue here is that is can be challenging […]

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How to Install and Use Plugins for WordPress

A lot of beginners get confused after buying a hosting and installing WordPress. What they don’t realize is that they are only starting the real work now and that the next step is just as important. We are, of course, talking about installing and using plugins for WordPress. Plugins are basically small PHP scripts, and […]

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10 Ways to Improve Your Website’s Speed

The speed of your website is one of its most important aspects. The statistic shows that any second counts, and it means a lot to the users. If your site has only one extra second delay, you might end up with 11% fewer views on your page. Also, your customer’s satisfaction reduces for up to […]

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How to Use SSL Certificate for Free on Bluehost

When it comes to running a website or a blog that you wish to base on WordPress, Bluehost is definitely your best option. It features extremely low prices, and it cares about its clients more than any other hosting service. It is easy to use and find your way around it, and you should not […]

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How did Bluehost Secure 1.6 Million WordPress Sites that were Outdated

When it comes to choosing a host for your website, you need a good and reliable service. And if you are looking for a good one for the WordPress platform, we can recommend using Bluehost, as one of the top hosting companies. You can read our comprehensive Bluehost Review. Lately, however, experts have been wondering […]

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How to Quickly Start a Site or a Blog with Wordpress

Despite the fact that WordPress is one of the largest platforms used for blogging in the world, it is also much more than that. It is a total and complete content management system, and you can use it for creating many different website types. So, if you have an interest in creating your own website […]

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Tips on How to Avoid Expensive Website Mistakes

When you are making a website, there are a lot of things that you must take into consideration. It is definitely a process that you want to take slow because any mistake could cost you. Not only money but a reputation as well. Your business might suffer a lot if you do not leave a […]

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