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What is the Best Gaming Chair for PS3?

The PlayStation 4 succeeded the PlayStation 3. However, some gamers out there are still using the PlayStation 3 as their console of choice. This is because most big gaming names are on this platform even when there is a bigger (and better) gaming console around. The games include racing games, role playing games, and arcade games. […]

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What are the Most Comfortable PC Gaming Chairs in 2017?

Back when I was gaming in the Warcraft 1 & 2 days, we just sat in fabric swivel chairs without a care in the world. Now, gaming has grown up and since Online is taking over, people are starting to realize that if you want to prevent back injuries, it might be better to spend […]

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What Are the Best Gaming Chairs for Destiny 2 Compatible With Xbox One and Scorpio or PS4?

Destiny 2 will be coming out in the fall of 2017 for Xbox One and PS4 systems. This online shooter will be made with many returning characters plus some new ones. The game is especially being promoted as being like World of Warcraft in that people can explore the Destiny 2 world, build their characters […]

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What Is the Best Gaming Chair For Dota 2?

You’ll certainly need a great gaming chair if you’re going to play Dota 2. Considering how the game is so addictive and how many matches are long, you will need a comfortable chair to sit in. A great chair will especially give you a good seating experience and make it easier for you to reach […]

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What are the Best Gaming Chairs with Speakers?

If you’re an Xbox fan or a PS4 enthusiast, you might be looking for a chair to get comfortable with in front of the TV. It’s not always possible to get a huge couch depending on your space, and you might lack the funds to do so. Or maybe, you have your little man cave […]

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Best Gaming Chairs with Lumbar Support

For a majority of gamers, back pain is an issue, but lumbar support isn’t always the first included feature in a gaming chair that gamers look for. Gaming chairs are mainly picked and bought for they way they look. This is why Racing chairs like DXRacer have taken off. DXRacers look cool, with cool cutouts, […]

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What Office Chair has the Most Adjustable Arms?

Adjustable arms for an office chair a MUST for me. If a chair doesn’t have adjustable arms, I immediately dismiss it as a non-viable chair. One reason is that I don’t like using arms on my chair, but another reason is that having non-adjustable arms is horrible for correct ergonomics. If there is one thing […]

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