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Herman Miller Aeron vs Steelcase Leap

Two of the most popular ergonomic office chairs out there are the Herman Miller Aeron and the Steelcase Leap. Both chairs have been around almost since the late 90’s, and both companies have very strong foundations building furniture for a long time. In fact, Steelcase has been building furniture since 1912, and Herman Miller since […]

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What is the Best Office Chair for Programming?

If you’re a programmer at home, or even at the office, you know how long and grueling a typical work day can be. You can spend hours at the desk without a break poring over tedious lines of white code over black. Sometimes it’s just one small error, and sometimes you’re constructing something much larger […]

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What are the Best Sewing Chairs?

Are you looking to get a new sewing chair to complement your sewing machine? Maybe your old chair is falling apart at the seams, or maybe you have back problems. Whatever the situation, you need to make sure that you pick the right chair since it’s something you’ll probably own for awhile. And there are a […]

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What is the Best Office chair for a 8 Hour Work day?

If you work at home like me, you might be sitting in an office chair for the majority of your day. If you’re sitting in a cheap chair, you might find that you start to develop hip, back, or even neck pain. This is usually because humans are built in many different sizes and shapes, […]

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What is the Best Steelcase Chair in 2017?

Steelcase is a wonderful brand, and if you’ve checked out any of my reviews, you’ll know that I like the brand because they have the most premium ergonomic office chairs out there. Steelcase chairs generally look great, feel amazing, and last forever. However, each chair has it’s strengths and advantages whether due to price, functionality, […]

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What are the Best Ergonomic Office Chairs with Headrests?

Having a headrest on a chair may seem like an extra feature (and in many ways it is), but once it’s there it’s hard to go back to not having one. Headrests are great for resting your head mid-way through a long day’s work at the computer. However, while some features like height adjustment and […]

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What is the Best Chair for World of Warcraft?

World of Warcraft is an intense game that requires significant time as a commitment. You could be smacking a boss for a good hour before you can pull yourself out of your chair to use the bathroom (or have your mom bring you the toilet pan), and if you’re a hardcore Mythic tier raider you […]

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