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What is the Best Gaming Chair in 2018?

Finding a good gaming chair can often feel like the pursuit for the holy grail. Believe me, I know, as someone who has raided in World of Warcraft, gotten to diamond in Starcraft 2, and wasted many hours attempting to raise my ELO in League of Legends. I’m also someone who works from home, working […]

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How to Make DXRacer Arms More Comfortable?

DXRacer chairs are great. They have amazing high backed backrests, comfortable yet firm seats, and stylish leather materials. They also have good recline, and a variety of sizes to fit every user from someone as large as the hulk, to someone as small as a hobbit (well admittedly, a tall one around 5’5 or so). […]

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What is the Difference Between the DXRacer King and Sentinel series?

DXRacer has a ton of different chairs offered. We’ve reviewed each one and organized them in terms of size in our DXRacer Guide here. However, you still might be wondering about the differences between two chairs–that being the DXRacer King and Sentinel series. Both of these chairs are designed for larger and taller individuals. The […]

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What Do Gaming Chairs Do?

Many people ask about the role being served by gaming chairs. Why not just sit on the couch and start the game? Or just pull up any chair and hit the gaming pad? The truth is that, while you can still do that with your home couch, gaming chairs add the following benefits to the […]

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What Are the Best Reclining Video Game Chairs?

As you look for a great video game chair, you need a choice that is flexible. A reclining chair will give you a comfortable surface that is easy to sit on. It can bend back and move to its original position rather easily. There are a number of attractive reclining video game chairs with DXRacer […]

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What are the best DXRacer Chairs for Tall People?

DXRacer chairs are great since they come in sizes for everyone. Whether you’re short, tall, or a bit hefty, you can find the right chair for you. However, this also means that DXRacer sells a lot of different chairs, so it can be hard to pin down the right combination. The basic idea is that […]

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What is the Best Dxracer Chair for a Short Person?

DXRacer is a great brand with a huge library of chairs. You can find different styles, colors, sizes, prices, and everything in between. This makes it a bit confusing when picking a chair, however, so that’s why I’ve created this article to help the height-challenged find their perfect DXRacer chair. Without further adieu, here are […]

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Which DXRacer Chair Should I Get?

DXRacer chairs are great chairs with solid build quality, firm support, and cool design. The only bad thing is that choosing the right DXRacer can be quite a challenge since the company sells so many chairs. In fact, even though I’ve reviewed, tested, and written extensively about the chairs, it still gets a bit confusing […]

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Are RapidX Good Gaming Chairs?

RapidX is another gaming chair seller similar to DXRacer or other gaming racing chair brands, and I’ve been noticing them lately since they look cool and are more affordable than DXRacer chairs that I’ve reviewed and looked at. The only thing is that while there are a lot of people talking about DXRacer, and it’s […]

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