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What is the Top Rated Bitcoin Hardware Wallet?

For many people, online Bitcoin wallets are the first and only type of Bitcoin wallet they use. However, online wallets can be vulnerable to attacks from hackers and do not offer any offline storage of cryptocurrency. However, for real security, it is strongly recommended to use more than one type of bitcoin wallet. The reason […]

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How Can I protect my Bitcoin from hackers?

Bitcoin is the currency of the future. Actually, forget that- Bitcoin is the currency of today, specifically today’s internet. This digital form of currency was launched in 2008, and can now be used to make a variety of online purchases, just like traditional currency can. Also, just like traditional currency, it is a potential target […]

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What is the Cheapest Bitcoin Hardware Wallet?

Bitcoin hardware wallets are almost essential if you have a large amount of Bitcoin. The reason is that storing Bitcoin on a hardware wallet makes it virtually impossible to hack or steal. In fact, as of now, there haven’t been any reports of stolen Bitcoin from hardware wallets. Bitcoin hardware wallets often don’t operate with […]

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What is the Best Multicoin Hardware Wallet?

Bitcoin hardware wallets are the most secure way to securing Bitcoin fortunes. However, some Bitcoin hardware wallets out there are also great for storing other forms of cryptocurrencies that you might be hoarding. Whether you are collecting Bitcoin, Litecoin, Namecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Testnet, Ethereum, or Zcash, you can find a hardware solution to make sure your […]

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How to Fix Trezor "Driver Malfunctioned Computer Does Not Recognize Device "

If you have a Trezor to hold onto your sweet sweet Bitcoin, then good on you! It’s an amazingly secure device to store your Bitcoin in. However, while it’s quite smart and secure, it can definitely be a royal pain in the arse! One reason is that every once in awhile you’ll have to update it […]

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