We’ve reviewed both the Steelcase Amia and Steelcase Leap. In fact, they are some of our favorite chairs here!

However, you’re probably here to find out how the chairs are different from one another. On one hand, we have the more expensive Steelcase Leap which usually goes for around $950, and then we have the cheaper Amia which usually goes for something closer to $707 or so. Already, that’s a BIG difference in price. So why is the Leap more expensive?

Differences Between Leap and Amia

Steelcase Amia vs Steelcase Leap Chair Steelcase Amia vs Steelcase Leap Chair


Both the Leap and Amia have similar arms. In fact, they are almost identical. Both arms can be swiveled, raised up or down, and even slide horizontally. Even the Steelcase Think has similar arms, although the Steelcase Gesture probably has the best armrests since it’s more like a pivot system like a real arm.


The Leap and Amia differ in the backrest slightly. The Amia has a more traditional shell-like back with the lumbar adjustment resting more inside the chair, whereas the Leap’s design is slightly more breathable with more vents and a more minimalist design.

Both backrests are very comfortable, and should be pretty similar in feel. The Leap’s sloped back design is well regarded as one of the best back designs by myself, and many others, but the Amia comes close with a design that is also very ergonomic and padded well.

One other thing to note is that the Leap’s back design is a bit more complex. The design has a top flex part and a lower back part with more high density foam. Somehow, you can adjust how “hard” the lower back feels with the lower back back firmness dial. This way you can control how firm the lower back feels, while the rest of the back still remains flexible and supportive. The Amia doesn’t have this feature.


Both chairs have tension recline which is great to see, but the Amia doesn’t have the Leaps “Natural Glide System”. What is that?

The NGS lets the Leap’s bottom portion of the seat rest move forward when you recline back into the chair. This position is slightly more ergonomic than most recline chairs. The Amia just uses a standard synchro-tilt method where if you lean back, it mainly just keeps the seat in the same position instead of adjusting it forward. This isn’t a huge deal, but the ergonomic advantage perfecting the recline position does give the Leap a slight edge.

Casters / Foundation

Both chairs feature similar metal foundations and casters. The chairs both roll very well and are light enough to move around even on carpet.


The Leap has a bit more contour than the Amia, but both chairs have a waterfall edge on the end of the seat which reduces pressure on your legs. Both chairs also let you adjust the seat depth as well, which is great depending on what height you are.

Conclusion of Steelcase Amia vs Steelcase Leap

The Amia and Leap are some of the best ergonomic chairs out there. The Leap is $200 more, and for that you get a more ergonomic recline system, and a more adjustable lower back. The design is also a bit more minimalist and trendy, whereas the Amia looks more like a standard office chair. Let us know which you choose in the comments below!