Using a Bittorrent app to download torrents is becoming increasingly risky. Now that one of the biggest websites that hosted torrents (KickAssTorrents) is gone, a lot of users are forced to use less reputable sites or downloads which makes getting notices from trolls or downloading the wrong file much more likely. It’s very easy for people to see your public IP while you torrent since it’s public knowledge via peer to peer connections. Just navigate to the “peers tab” on your favorite Bittorrent app while downloading a torrent and you’ll see what I mean.

Once a copyright troll has your IP they can forward it to your ISP, and you’ll get an email that will totally creep you out with the exact time you downloaded something as well as all of your real life info (and may cause panic depending on your mental stability).

A lot of users recommend using a VPN to stay protected while downloading torrents. And while this is a great first start, VPNs themselves have flaws. One is that you have to start and connect a VPN to have it work.

What if you forget to connect? It’s true, there are ways to force your VPN to auto-connect on launch, or enable a kill switch, but not all VPNs have those features. (Here’s one that does.)

In addition, you should also be using a good antivirus program to protect yourself from nasty downloads (not one that bogs down your computer). Check out some here that we have reviewed if you’d like.

I’ve been torrenting for over ten years. In this entire time, I’ve never received one letter from a copyright troll.

Sometimes I forget to turn my VPN on since I don’t like it clogging down my system startup. Plus I don’t ALWAYS want my VPN on since I love some game time and fast streaming (sometimes VPN encryption rate can bog down speeds).

How have I stayed protected? 

It’s quite simple and easy to do once you have the right tools and knowledge on how to integrate them.

The key is to use purchase or buy a service that includes a working BitTorrent proxy. Checkout TorGuard, they are a great service to use, and they will be the service we use in this simple example and step by step guide.

Once you get a license, you can EASILY integrate the proxy within most common Bittorrent apps (uTorrent, qBittorrent, Vuze, etc.).

Here’s the simple 5 step method to protect yourself while torrenting the easy way:

How I Torrented for 10 years Without One Copyright Letter

#1 Navigate to your BitTorrent settings. Find a tab that looks like “Connection” as you can see in my Bittorrent app, qBittorrent.

#2 From here, make sure to check “use proxy for peer connections,” toggle the proxy type as “SOCKS5.”

#3 If you’re using TorGuard, change port to 1080, 1085, or 1090 (some ISPs block some of these ports, so play around with it or use 1090).

#4 Check the authentication box and enter in your proxy credentials.

#5 Hit save and then make sure your proxy is working by using a fake tracker that shows your IP like one you can download here.

#6 Also disable UPnP or Nat-PMP forwarding from router. Why? See here.

How I Torrented for 10 years Without One Copyright Letter

My IP is hidden from copyright trolls monitoring the BitTorrent swarm

That’s it! Easy huh? Feel free to torrent away now without any worry in the world!