It is second to nature having a gaming chair if you are a true gamer. From most gamers, a gaming chair is an accessory they simply can’t do without. With added features that enhance the gaming experience making the games come alive, you need to invest in a good gaming chair for the best results. If you are confused about what to look for in a gaming chair, these pointers will help you decide.

Is it the right height for me & my desk?

The height of the chair is very important when it comes to gaming. You don’t want a chair that will see you strain to play your favorite games. While most chairs have an adjustable height to match that of your desk, some do not have that feature. Therefore, you better take a measure of the height of your desk before you purchase the gaming chair of your choice.

Does it support my weight?

The strength of a chair is directly proportional to the amount of weight it can support. Whether you are a heavy person or not, you need to have a chair that will provide enough support for your weight. Go for a chair that provides for a higher weight than what you weigh. Even better, simply go for the highest weight rating since it will be an indicator of the strength and longevity of the chair.

Does it allow me to move around without straining any part of my body?

Movement is part and parcel of gaming. Whether your favorite games are racing, combat or other such types, you need to move around to get certain angles right. If a chair does not allow you to move comfortably, then it’s not worth your money and time. In this regard, you have a choice between a chair with a pedestal, one without it, or one with wheels. Of all three, the best one is that with a pedestal since it provides the most stable support system for your gaming needs. Just make sure the chair is comfortable enough to play your games for long without getting fatigued.

Does it provide full body support/comfort?

Comfort is another aspect you need to look at when going for a gaming chair. You definitely do not want to play for a few minutes then get up to stretch. The best gaming chairs have support for the whole body. Check for the lumbar (lower back) support, bottom support, headrest, armrests and the feet too. If the chair does not provide support for all these parts of the body, check the next offer. This is a chair you are going to be using for a long time to come so if you have to spend money on it, it better be worth it.

Is it a super sleek colour/pattern/design?

The design of a gaming chair needs to be sleek enough to match your gaming area. There is a wide array of gaming chairs with different design approaches. However, no matter the design philosophy, you have to pick a chair that looks great in your living room. Do not agree to compromise on quality since it will cost you a lot in the long term. Most customers would pick a design they love and the theme each chair has. For example, there are chairs designed to match Spider-Man, racing cars, and many other themes. Do not accept a chair that looks boring as it’ll not be worth your money.

Does it have any additional features that will help me reach my peak gaming potential?

It is often said that no matter your level of skills or talent, the environment always determines how far you will go. It is the same with gaming. Play a given level of Resident Evil on your gaming console then try the same level with a gaming chair built with speakers and vibrators. You will realize the difference. When you pick on a gaming chair, therefore, pick one that is built with accessories such as speakers, vibrators, a pedestal and others that will enhance your gaming skills.

Pick Your Favorite Style

Always pick the style that you fancy. If you love Spider-Man, go find a chair with the Spider-Man theme built in. There are also chairs built either to be fluffy or trimmed down to look sleek and minimalist. The choice is yours. Don’t buy a chair simply because it has many buyers or great reviews. Rather, have a feeling of it and picture how it will look when in your home. Keep in mind that it is a purchase that you make every once in a while. It better be a wise one.

Key Features to Look for

Among the key features to consider when getting a gaming chair include;

  • Price: make sure that the price of a chair matches the features it has.
  • Comfort: the type and size of the cushions, the various pads on the arms and other features focused on the comfort should all fall into place.
  • Sound: if you decide to go for a chair with built in speakers, go for one that has high-quality speakers and a surround sound system for the best results.
  • Vibrators: some chairs come with vibrators which allow you to feel the effects of the game. Look for vibrators of a high quality for the perfect experience.
  • Connectivity: while some chairs will have wires to connect to your gaming console for sound and vibrations, there are others that come with wireless protocols that assure you of a clutter free gaming area.
  • The quality of materials: the materials have to be of a high quality for the best experience. If you go for leather, pick genuine leather. If the chair is made of fabric, go for high-quality fabrics that will be comfortable and long lasting.
  • Warranty: while you’ll not likely need to exercise a warranty owing the high quality of the chairs, a long warranty is often a sign that the manufacturer has faith in the chair. Always go for a long warranty.

Recommendations for a Gaming Chair

Three of the best gaming chairs include:

  1. DXracer Chair (Here is our DXRacer Guide).
  2. Vertagear Triigger Chair (Here is our Vertagear Triigger Review).
  3. Ficmax Gaming Chair (Here is our Ficmax Gaming Chair Review).

These chairs combine great price points with a lot features which position then as some of the best.


It is not an easy task finding the right gaming chair especially for those with a limited budget. However, with the right guidance and research, you can land the right chair for your needs. Of note is the fact that even gaming chairs on a budget are still some of the best you can find for your other tasks such as watching movies and relaxing.