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Homall Executive Swivel Leather Gaming Chair Review

The Homall Executive Gaming chair is yet another DXRacer knockoff. DXRacer really revolutionized the “gaming swivel chair” with the bucket chair style. These gaming chairs were thus pulled straight out of racing cars with the straight back designed, and side ridges and wings that “hug” you to the seat. Additionally, you can lean back far and the chairs come with pillows.

DXRacer Tank Review

Imagine the DXRacer Racing series chair, or the Formula series–but WAY bigger–and you have the DXRacer Tank. In this DXRacer Tank review, I’ll go over some of the features, specs, and help you decide if the Tank is the right chair for you.

DXRacer Origin Series Review

The DXRacer Origin Series is the cheapest chair offering provided by DXRacer. Due to this low price, you’ll get a less-premium product. However, that doesn’t mean the DXRacer Origin Series is a bad choice. In this full DXRacer Origin Series review, I’ll take a look at what you get for the low-price.

DXRacer Boss Series Review

Each chair has a straight back with the same sort of padding, a firm seat cushion, wheels, arms, and a solid steel foundation. We’ve covered each chair in our DXRacer Master Guide, but this DXRacer Boss Review will focus on what makes the Boss series worth a look.

DXRacer Iron Series Review

What makes the Iron Series different? What’s special about it than makes it a better purchase than something like the DXRacer Racing Series? In this Iron Series review, I’ll go over what makes this a worthy purchase or a purchase to avoid.

DXRacer King Series Review

In each one of our DXRacer reviews, that’s been our singular objective–to help you find the right DXRacer for your specific needs and budget. In this DXRacer King Series Review, we’ll go over what makes the King series standout.

DXRacer Wide Series Review

The only thing is that the DXRacer website isn’t that helpful about describing which chair is for who and why. Sure there is a sizing guide, and we’ve created an even better sizing table, but there isn’t too much concrete descriptions on what makes each chair different, and for someone inexperienced with DXRacer chairs, it can be hard to see what is different.

In this DXRacer Wide Series review, I’ll be going over the chair to give you some sort of idea why you should or shouldn’t buy it over some of the other chairs.

DXRacer Classic Series Review

The DXRacer Classic Series is a unique offering from DXRacer. Unlike some of the other more well-known chairs like the DXRacer Racing Series, the Classic series doesn’t have headrest cutouts or much side ridges or wings on sides of the backrest and seat panel. The chair also has a built-in headrest. In this DXRacer Classic Series review, I’ll go over if the chair is worth a buy.

DXRacer Elite Series Review

If you’re semi-familiar with DXRacer chairs, you might know the brand by the traditional Racing Style series. Most DXRacers have a similar style with heavy side ridges and wings left in the chair’s design from racing cars, and the top usually has ridges and hole cutouts that look quite stylish. is affiliated with web hosts,, and other affiliate programs listed on this site.